Us? Together again?

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Chapter 118;

{Laura & Ross took Riker & Vanessa to the romantic dinner}

Ross;Okay in the count of 3 take out the blind fold


Ross;Ready? 1 , 2 , 3

*Vanessa takes off the blind fold & sees Riker & Laura*

Vanessa;What are they doing here ?

Laura;Look we all know you guys like each other still that's why I left Riker because I know he belongs with you not me . I know you maybe still hate him but think about what you told me when I was packing the picnic .

Riker;Okay look guys we appreciate what y'all did but theirs no way were gonna be able to fix this .

Ross;Please Riker it's one night . look Nessa I'm setting you free I know you like Riker because I can tell by your eyes & smile . give him a chance please ?

Vanessa;I don't know



Riker;I'm in wait were are you 2 going?

Laura;I'm gonna take a walk & then I'm gonna set up my picnic

Ross;Well I'm going to see the water see you later

*Ross & Laura went separate ways while Riker & Vanessa stayed*

Riker;Umm may I ? *pulls the chair for Vanessa*

Vanessa;Sure. you know what's crazy ?

Riker;What ?

Vanessa;I think Laura still likes Ross she just won't admit it .

Riker;I know she's just denying her feelings .

Vanessa;ha yeah.

Riker; Vanessa .?


Riker;Umm I know you & I have had ups & downs *gets on his knees* please Vanessa Marano take me back I've been waiting so long please Vanessa

Vanessa;Awe Riker of course I'll take you back *hugs him*

Riker;I've missed your hugs . *pecks her lips* how about we eat some of the food Laur packed us.?

Vanessa;Yeah sure
{They start to unpack & eat while having a friendly conversation}


Laura's POV

I ended up finding a good view . The sunset is so beautiful & it's only 7:30 well I started unpacking my picnic I set up my blanket took off my sandals & put on some shades also I put my hair in a messy bun . I started eating & I took a picture of the sunset . I loved it so much . I just felt lonely.

Ross's POV

I got my food yes I passed by a fast food restaurant for some food because I knew I was going to be alone but it's okay. I've been trying to get Laura off my mind I uploaded a picture on Instagram I got bored while I was eating it's pretty strange how the beach wasn't full their was a little bit of people . I wrote Laura's name in the sand . I took a picture of it . Then the water washed it off . I started taking a walk when I approached where Laura was I turned around & walked the other way around


What will happen now between Ross & Laura ?

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