Shes back

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Chapter 127;

Ross;So what do we do now?

Riker;we can watch a movie or just talk you know

Vanessa;We'll I'm just going to lay down here


Vanessa;What I'm tired I had to bake Laura's cake

Laura;We haven't ate none

Ratliff;Well let's go

*They head to the dining room*

Laura;Wow this is so good I love it


*Laura gets a text*

??-I want to let you know that I'm back & I'm going to make your life hell again I was never done with you . I'm gonna find you & I'm gonna hurt you

*Drops her phone*

Ross;Hey what's wrong

Laura;she's back

Riker;Who is?

Laura;look at the text

*They see the text*


Vanessa;We have to keep Laura safe what do we do ?

Rydel;Look we can freak about it or look for a solution

Riker;Okay she's back we know it's Anna wasn't she in jail

Ratliff;She must've escaped

Ross;So what are we gonna do?

Laura;I don't know but what does she want from me?

Riker;She wants to hurt you & no way in hell were gonna let her

Ross;Okay but how are we gonna do it ?

Rydel;Why don't we do it as parents did last time

Vanessa;No it won't work

Riker;Their has to be another way

Ross;We'll let's think & when we have a plan we'll use it

Ratliff;But let's not take to long

Laura;I'm heading up to my room

Ross;I'll be their in a sec

*Laura heads upstairs*


?-Hello their

Laura;What the fuck . *scared* who are you ? what do you want ?

?-I want you dead *pulls out a gun*

Laura;*screams* please don't hurt me

?-Too late

[With the rest]

Riker;Laura yelled let's go


{They were heading up when they heard a gun shot}

Ross;No !! !!


Rydel;Open the door

{Ross opens the door}


Ross;Laura where are you ?

Ratliff;Turn on the light it's dark

*Riker turns on the light & all their eyes widen*

Ross;Laura ? *sees Laura on the ground*

Riker;Call the ambulance *sees the window open* how did they get up here ?

Ratliff;Where did she get shot ? *freaking out* they must've climbed up

Ross;I don't know *grabs Laura* laura?? please Laura I know your alive I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you

Riker;Her leg

Rydel;Let's take her to the hospital

Ross;Huryy !!


Poor Laura :(

Stay tuned for the next chapter

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