Raura;The text & Meeting Anna

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Chapter 44;

Laura;*gets a text*

Ross;What was that ?

Laura;I think it was your phone

Ross;*turns on his phone* it is mine

Laura;Who was it?

Ross;It's umm my friend he wants to meet me down at the park

Laura;I know it's not your friend Ross don't lie to me I know it's Anna ! go if you want I want you to clear things out with her

Ross;Okay thanks Laura I'll be back in 5 mins.

*Walks to the park & gets there*

Anna;Hey Ross

Ross;What do you want? It's 7:49 it's getting late

Anna;To talk & what's with the tux did I interrupt something?

Ross;No well yeah kinda I was on a date with-

Anna;Your girlfriend

Ross;Yes my girlfriend

Anna;Well poor her


Anna*cuts him off & kisses him*

Ross;*pulls away *

Anna;Why did you pull away

Ross;Cause I'm taken respect my relationship

-With Laura-

Laura;Im going to check on Ross

Riker;Take Ratliff & Rydel

Laura;You guys wanna come?

Rydel & Ratliff;Sure let's go

*They get to the park*

Laura;Ross is that you


Ross;*turns* hey guys

Anna;Oh hey

Ross;Anna that's my girlfriend

Anna;Wow ... I expected more from you

Ross;What do you mean?

Anna;She's not pretty

Ross;What's wrong with you? she's beautiful

Laura;It's okay Ross she's speaking the truth ....

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