Riker's Proposal

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Chapter 278;

Riker;Okay so what should we make ?

Ryland;I say we should make chicken soup with our famous tacos

Ross;Yeah I agree


Rocky;Guys I'm hungry hurry up ,you guys are slow !

Ratliff;Calm down

Ross;At least help you lazy !

Rocky;Fine !

Riker;About time

A few moments later

Ross;Finally we're done

Rydel;Hey guys it smells good

Vanessa;I agree

Riker;Okay have a seat well serve you guys


Lilly;You guys are such gentlemen

Rocky;Thank you

Laura;So what is their to eat?

Ross;Chicken soup & some tacos

Rydel;Sounds good


They Start Serving

Ross;So how was the mall?

Savannah;It was awesome

Ratliff;Were glad you guys had fun


Rocky;Is Rosalie asleep?

Ratliff;Yeah she loves to sleep

Ross;Just like her daddy

Rydel;So true


Laura;This food is really good

Lilly;I agree with Laura

Riker;Well what can we say we made it

Vanessa;I'm surprised you didn't burn down the house

Ross;that's very nice

Riker;Okay Umm

Ryland;This is gonna be great

Rocky;Shut up

Ratliff;Okay guys keep it down

Lilly;Did You want to say something ?


Laura;Than say it


Ross;let him talk girls

Riker;Okay Umm this is for Vanessa but can you all pay attention .


Vanessa I love you too pieces my love for you is permanent & I thank god for putting you in my side again . I have always liked you I never stopped . I would always have you on my mind. your the girl I've waited for & with out you I'm nothing . You drive me crazy . Id take bullet for you . Without you I don't know what's the meaning of life . You changed me in a really positive way . I want to raise a family with you & I know you make mistakes but it's because your human . I'm human too I make mistakes but to me your perfect . Vanessa Nicole Marano *gets in one knee* will you marry me ?

The Girls;*gasp*

Vanessa;Yes Ill marry you *hugs him*

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