Is He Okay?

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Chapter 212;

They arrive at the hospital

Stormie;Someone help!

Nurse;Okay what's wrong the doctor will be here any second

Doctor;Okay what happened here?

Rydel;H-He *faints*

Ross;Okay he got stabbed in the stomach it seems like he passed out just help us out !

Doctor;Okay nurse take him & the young lady to the ER she doesn't look good & she has to many cuts

Stormie;Will they be okay ?

Doctor;I can't assure you anything .

Mark;Just please do anything you can


They leave

Laura;I hope their okay

Riker;I wonder what they did to Rydel ..

Rocky;Isn't it obvious they cut her & slapped her

Mark;No we're wondering if she lost the baby or not .

Ross;Ugh hopefully she didn't

Stormie;Fingers crossed

Mark;Where's Ryland ?

Riker;He left so I don't know

Stormie;He texted earlier he went to his friends party in long beach & he's staying over well I just hope my baby girl is okay

Rocky;& I hope my best friend is okay *cries into marks shoulder*

Riker;Uh Laura can we talk ?


Ross;Just go Hun


With Riker & Laura

Laura;What is it Riker ?

Riker;Can I tell you something ?


Riker;Ugh this is gonna sound crazy but I regret breaking up with you ... I still have feelings for you laur

Laura;Rik you know I'm with your brother . You should've thought before you broke up with me . I'm going to tell you something I like your brother a lot more than anything . is that why you were acting weird when Ross & I were in the kitchen ?

Riker;yes that's why I left . I understand but just remember I never hurt you the way he did . or the way he has hurt you .

Laura;What are you trying to say ?.

Riker;Figure it out yourself *leaves*

With the others

Ross;Where's my Laurie bear?

Riker;She's coming right now .

Laura;Hey guys any news ?

Mark;sadly no

Stormie;their gonna be okay

Rocky;Hopefully .

30 minutes later

Doctor;Rydel lynch ? & Ellington Ratliff?

Stormie & Mark;Yes ? were the relatives

Rocky;Is he okay ?

Riker;Is my sister okay ?

Laura;You Lynchs always have a habit of doing this let the doctor talk

Doctor;Okay well Rydel she's okay the reason why she fainted was cause she was scared & the lack of blood loss . she just needs rest . Ellington well he was in a serious case . if your wondering why was because he lost a lot of blood from the stab he got in the stomach he's okay too . he just got out of the operation room . He has bandages all over his stomach . for right now don't let him talk too much .

Ross;What about the baby ? did my sister loose her baby ?


To be continued

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