Baby Names

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Chapter 235;

Ross;Lets go downstairs yeah?

Laura;Wait can you help me decide what we should name our baby?

Ross;Sure why don't we have my siblings help us out?

Laura;I don't see why not


They head downstairs

Ross;great everyone is here !where are mom & dad?

Riker;They went out their gonna be here in an hour

Rydel;Wait are you guys a couple again?


Rocky;How cute !

Ryland;Hope you guys last this time

Laura;We will . Anyway ross & I wanted to tell you guys something .


Riker;Your getting married !

Ross;no not yet . & Laura decided that you guys can help come up with our baby name

Rydel;Oh my god I wanna help !

Riker;Me too !

Laura;Okay who goes first ?

Riker;Me !



Laura;Nice okay who's next

Rydel;Me . how about randy

Ross;That's a good name . Okay Ratliff?


Laura;That's cute Rocky ?


Ross;that's awesome !

Ryland;I'm last okay . how about Ryan .

Laura;You guys came up with good names !okay ross & I are gonna decide what 2 names where choosing . we'll be back

Rydel;Okay don't take to long .


Hey Guys ☺️! I'm gonna let you guys choose the 2 names you want ! 😄 I'll see which 2 names get the most votes ! ☺ comment below what names you want !☺️👌.

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