It's Not Gonna Be Okay

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Chapter 285;

Laura's POV
So technically I'm home alone . I went to take a bath I watched tv for a while then I read a book . I got bored so I texted rydel if she was coming already , so then I went up to my room . After a few minutes later I decided to take a nap . I don't know how I did it but I ended up sleeping . I fell in deep sleep.

A Few Minutes Later

Ratliff;*yells*Laura were home

Rydel;She's probably upstairs lets go check .

They Head Upstairs

Ratliff;Okay you check on her i'm going to bathe Rosalie

Rydel;Okay make sure to be careful .

Ratliff;Yes I know okay I'll be back

Rydel;*goes in Lauras Room*Laura ? Are you in here ?*turns on the light*oh your sleeping . *leaves*

Ratliff;Where is she?



A Few Moments Later

Laura;*heads downstairs* hey guys


Ratliff;You okay ?

Laura;Kinda it's okay theirs plenty other anniversaries too go

Rydel;Isn't this one the main one you wanted to celebrate?

Laura;Yeah but theirs points when you can't

Rydel;I'm sure he will apologize

Laura;I guess .

Ratliff;Its gonna be okay .

Laura;Its not gonna be okay , I actually thought I was important to him but I'm not . What time is is anyway?

Ratliff;Well we left at 10 in the morning it's 2 .

Rydel;So rocky texted he said that he's gonna propose at 4 . & that he'll text us what she said .

Ratliff;Okay .

Laura;That's nice what time do you guys will come ?

Rydel;I don't know

Ross & Hope Walk In

Hope;That was awesome !

Ross;I know right ? the movie was really good .


Ratliff;*clears his throat* hello too you too

Ross;Oh hey guys so hope & I went to go get froyo then from their we went to the park . It was amazing

Laura;Good too know

Hope;Ross I was thinking that we should go to the beach

Ross;Alright I'm down let me go get my swimming trucks .


Ratliff;so what now ?

Rydel;I'm glad your enjoying your time with ross .

Hope;Yeah it's been a while

Rydel;Well I hope your happy because thanks too you him & his fiancé aren't spending time on their anniversary

Hope;Its not my fault he chose to hang out with me

Ratliff;Okay cut it out

Laura;well I'm gonna get going .

Ratliff;Where too ?

Laura;I don't know maybe upstairs .


Ross comes down

Ross;Hey guys I'm going out again

Rydel;We figured

Ross:Okay I'll be back in a few hours

Ratliff;I hope your enjoying this day .

Ross;Oh I am .

Rydel;What a shame

Ross;What now ?im gonna get going

Rydel;Whatever . bye

Ross;Okay? bye *leaves with hope*

Rydel;I feel so bad for laura

Ratliff;So do I .

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