Raura;Movie Night & Games

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Chapter 5;

Laura; So are we gonna watch the movie.

Rydel; Yes we are the guys are just getting the popcorn & candy

Laura;Okay Rydel

Rydel; I didn't really get to know you

Laura; I know

Rydel; Do you still go to school?

Laura; Yeah well since I moved I figured to look for a school here

Rydel; That's great !

Laura; Yeah

Rydel; How old are you anyways?

Laura;I'm 18

Rydel;Same age as Ross that's cool I think you guys are hitting it off well & you guys would mark a good couple

Laura; Well I'm not interested in no one but thanks I guess ?

*With the Guys*

Ross; Laura's pretty cute

Riker; I think she's pretty but I like Vanessa she seems fun

Rocky; Yeah she does Ross you & Laura look cute together


Rocky;Yeah just get to know her & when your sure about your feelings for her ask her out in a nice romantic way

Ross;Thanks man

-Guys walk in the living room-

Riker; Okay how do we do this?

Rydel;Okay well we can sit you & Vanessa

-Knock At the door-

Rocky; I'll get it

-Opens Door-

Ratliff; Hey Rocky !

Rocky;Hey what's up bro?

Ratliff; Nothing I just wanted to come over

Rocky;Okay just know were gonna watch a movie

Ratliff;Cool can I come in? it's kinda cold outside.

Rocky;Yeah sure

Rydel;Hey Ratliff I thought you weren't coming

Ratliff; Well here I am I was just with the Fam.

Rydel;Okay so I was saying Riker you & Nessa can sit together along with Me , Ratliff & Rocky since it's the big couch

Riker; So Laura & Ross are sitting on the small one?

Rydel; Yeah if it's okay with them

Laura;Yeah I'm fine with it

Ross;Yeah me too

Vanessa;Well okay so are we watching the movie any day soon?

Riker;Oh yeah just let me put play

*Throughout the movie Vanessa & Riker cuddled because the movie was to scary for them , also because it was cold. Ross didn't really like scary movies so he was just paying attention to Laura . When Laura would get scared she would hide her face in Ross's chest . Rydel & Ratliff were just cuddling while Rocky would stare at them with a Grin*

(I'll update the second part of this chapter when their playing the Games)

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