Not a chapter again

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Facts about me

1.I love R5
2.I have 3 siblings plus me it's 4
3.Im from East Los Angeles
4.I ship raura & rinessa along with rydellington
5.Im short .-.
6.Im obsessed with Ross lynch - let's just say all of R5 members
7.My favorite sport is Softball/Baseball
8.I love to watch Austin & Ally episodes over & over again
9.Im 14 years old
10.I have a attitude but that's if you get me mad or it depends.
11.I love to write stories (planing on writing another story)
12.I enjoy going out
13.I was born November 19 , 1999
14.I really hate fake friends or backstabbers
15.I can be weird or awkward in times

~If anything else you want to know well just ask me (:~
(Btw I know these facts are lame d: I just wanted you guys to know a bit about me)

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