I think i know where she is

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Chapter 210;

Ross;This is insane guys we've been looking over an hour . I'm getting worried

Rocky;Your not the only one

Laura;okay the key here is just to keep looking

Stormie;Yes thank you Laura

Mark;Okay guys I know you might be tired but let's just look for another while

Riker;Guys !

Ratliff;Not now Riker !

Riker;Isn't this Rydels phone ?

Ratliff;Yes it is

Riker;If her phone is here than that means she got kidnapped

Stormie;No my poor baby *crying*

Mark;It's gonna be okay sweetie well find her

Stormie;I know I'm just worried

Ross;I think I know where she is


Ross;This old warehouse Anna & I used to go to it's just an hour away

Rocky;& how are you so sure it's Anna ?

Ross;It's obvious

Ratliff;Good point let's go

With Rydel

??;It's great to have you here now . you don't know how long I've waited to have you in front of me ! You know I was supposed to just stab you & leave but I thought why not have some fun with you ? since your a lynch i figured that it'll be fun

Rydel;Who are you ? what do you want from me? Please just let me go

??;You know who I am ! & haha you think just by pleading I'll let you go ? no sweetheart . You know another person was supposed to be in your position . she got lucky she lost her baby a different way not the way I planned it . I was just supposed to stab you & leave but then I decided to kidnap you

Rydel;Wait Anna ? what the fuck !

Anna;see you remember . Well honey just enjoy the last minutes you have with your baby . it's soon gonna be gone .

Rydel;No not my baby what do you want from me ?

Anna;You already know what I want

Rydel;Anna just let me go ! I don't know what you fucking want . if you want my brother back no way in hell that's happening !

Anna; I already said no ! I want your baby dead ! you don't know how I felt when your brother left me ! I felt lonely ! & not wanted ! I was hoping to raise a family with him

Rydel;Thank god you guys didn't ! & that's not my problem

Anna;*slaps Rydel* you want to know something "diva" or however ever your fandom calls you

Rydel;Hey what the hell ! you know what Anna I hope you rot In hell

Anna;Your not alone though cause I have 2 other people with me! you remember Cassandra right ? well she's here & so is Joshua so it's 3x the fun

Rydel;Wait you know Cassandra ?

Anna;Why of course we were best friends in middle school now I reunited with her . she told me that Ross was gonna propose to Laura & that Riker tried getting at her , pathetic .

Rydel;How do you know all this ?

Anna;I have my ways don't worry about it well I'll be back I'm gonna get Cassandra & Joshua so we can begin out fun

Rydel;Shut up you fucking crazy bitch watch my family come in time to rescue me !

Anna;I don't think so *smirks*

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