Just Be Happy

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Chapter 306;

Laura;Ross can I ask you something ?

Ross;Anything name it .

Laura;I don't know if I should ask this

Ross;Okay Cmon babe you can trust me on this

Laura;I don't know

Ross;Please baby

Laura;Okay Umm will you ever leave me again ?

Ross;*chuckles* laura I'm not planning onto think about it I asked you to marry me ,now we have a son do you think I'll ever leave you ? no .


Ross;Why did you ask?

Laura;It's Cause I feel like you've lost all feelings for me ever since .. ever since I lost the 1st baby ...

Ross;No don't think that Cmon , that baby may be gone but we at least have another one I know you wanted the 1st one real bad trust me I did too but God gave us another chance to raise a family that's all that should matter to you & I. Ryder changed our lives laur .

Laura;I know . Ryder is a little angle

Ross;Exactly now just know I'll be here for you I promise

Laura;Thanks ross

Ross;No problem


Ross;Just Be Happy , laura do it for Ryder

Laura;*smiles* & for you too

Ross;Thanks *kisses laura*

Laura;*kisses back*

Ross;Now at what time are the others coming ?

Laura;in maybe 2-3 hours I believe

Ross;Great lets just wait now

Laura;Umm what were you doing the 3 days you didn't show up at the hospital ?

Ross;I bought some clothes for Ryder I had a leather jacket made for him with his named sowed in . I got you a couple of things

Laura;Awe how cute & really ? You shouldn't have

Ross;but I wanted to .

Laura;What am I gonna do with you ?

Ross;What do you mean?

Laura;what I mean is you give me too much & I don't know how to repay you

Ross;Well you know ..theirs a bed right here *smirks*

Laura;No ross not right now

Ross;I'm joking *chuckles*


Ross;but you still love me

Laura;Of course

Ross;No but seriously you already paid me by giving me the best thing which is a child

Laura;Awe really?

Ross;Yes & that's what I wanted thank you *pecks her cheek*

Laura;no problem

Ross;How does it feel not to be pregnant anymore ?

Laura;It feels weird cause I was used to having a big belly

Ross;Well not anymore

Laura;I know

Ross;I miss you being pregnant honestly

Laura;In a way i do miss it but in the other way no

Ross;Why ?

Laura;Cause Ryder was heavy & how I used to throw up in the middle of the night

Ross;Rydel was worse though

Laura;Yeah especially the mornings


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