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Chapter 372;

(An: honeymoon is in Paris enjoy this chapter ☺️💛.)

Ross Pov

We stumbled into the fancy hotel room, eager to consume our love in the best way possible. Surrounding the bed, were hundreds of red rose petals in the shape of a heart and candles lighting up the room.

My lips were either on her smooth silky skin or against her soft pink lips, savoring every bit of it. We left a trail of clothes behind us every step we took towards the bed and only stay in undergarments. Laura's small hands glided down a portion of my chest, slowly tracing the outline of my abs. I could feel my arousal growing at her touch.

I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance, wanting to explore the inside of her mouth with my tongue. But she denied. I could feel a smirk form on the curve of her lips as we continued kissing.

I brought one hand to her cheek, lightly caressing it. While the other slid down her back and gently pressed her closer to me by her butt, making her gasp in response.

I took the opportunity to slide my tongue in as we continued to kiss, turning our heads side to side connecting our lips longer.

Flipping us over gently, so that now she under me. Shredding the last pieces of clothing we had on and slipping on a condom, I trailed kisses from her jawline down to her chest. Sucking on her creamy white skin with my hot breath, I heard her small moans escape from her mouth as I left a love bite behind.

Her chest going up and down slow and steady as she tried to create friction between us. I went back up to her loud moaning lips as mushed our lips together, pouring every ounce of love and passion I could into it.

Lining myself to her entrance, I brought her hands above her head and intertwined our fingers together. Pulling away from the kiss a bit, I looked deep into those big brown eyes that made fall in love with her and smiled at the gorgeous beauty under me.

"I love you, Laura." I whispered in an unsteady breath.

"I love you too, Ross." She said and leaned up to capture my lips into another breathless kiss. I entered slowly allowing her body to adjust me, the feeling of her interior walls hugging me tight made my release stir up in my stomach.

I groaned out her name as I began to pick the pace between our bodies, sweat rolled off my forehead and dripped down onto her moving chest. Giving her light kisses, claiming all her bare skin as mine as the only Mrs.Ross Lynch.

She gripped the sheets in pleasure, arching her back as my name rolled off her gentle tongue in process like if it was the word she knew.

Pressing our bodies together as I penetrated deep inside her, I heard her soft gasps be whispered in my ear. I could feel my body giving up, my legs tensing as my own releasing was coming closer. Laura tugged at the hairs in the back of my neck pulling me closer to her as her sweet tender lips began sucked on my skin.

I groaned her name as her teeth sunk into my skin, the unbelievable pleasure I felt inside me as I rolled my hips against her body making her moan louder.

Letting all the feelings of pleasure consume me, I shut my eyes closed and allowed the sounds of our moaning voices to blend together in the room and intensify my craving to have Laura always with me.

The feeling our bodies mushed together as humanly possible and her soft voice whispering in ear, brought me to my own release and I thrusted one last time as harder I could until my body gave out. Keeping our fingers laced together as we kissed, Laura followed my release and came too.

Breathlessly we laid side by side, I wrapped one arm around her bare waist and pulled her closer to me as her head rested on my chest. Her cold fingers tracing circles on my body as the silence filled the air and our breathing returned to normal.

I kissed the top of her head and whispered "I love you" in her ear. She looked up at me and smiled, leaning in for a kiss, she rolled on top of me making the kiss last longer.

"I love you, Mr. Lynch" She said pulling away with her eyes closed.

"I love you more, Mrs. Lynch." I said smirking at my beautiful wife and pulled her back for another sweet passionate kiss.

Rolling us over once again, we began round two of this endless Love night.

After this is the city of love, isn't it?


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