You forgot?

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Chapter 281;

Ross;Hmmm well I'm gonna watch Tv *leaves his phone on the table*

Rydel;Ratliff & I are gonna go upstairs .


Laura's POV

I'm so happy that ross & I are making a month together again I'm happy that we're actually lasting . I got him a present that I actually wrapped up already . now I'm gonna see if he remembers about it .

Laura;Hey rossy

Ross;Hey baby

Laura;So tomorrow is a special day isn't it ?

Ross;I guess it is

Laura;What do you mean you guess?

Ross;Well yeah I mean it's nothing important

Laura;What do you mean it's not important ?

Ross;Cause it's not . if it were special or important I would remember about it

Laura;I can't believe you ! You forgot ?

Ross;What are you talking about? Or what did I forget now ?

Laura;Tomorrow is our anniversary I can't believe you forgot ! Now I see how much you really do care *leaves crying*

Ross;*under his breathe* oh yeah ...

Ross's POV

After Laura left crying I felt bad ,I cried I told Rydel we weren't gonna go on the double date .I was heading to my room so I can apologize to Laura because I realized my mistake. Well I approached I turned the knob but it was Locked I started knocking

Ross;Laura please open up I'm sorry

Laura;Go away !

Ross;Baby please this isn't good for you

Laura;No ross just leave me alone

Ross;Laura please I'm really sorry , I really do feel bad about forgetting our anniversary I just got caught up since today your 7 months pregnant .

Laura;no ross go away ! I'm not gonna listen to you

Ross;*starts crying*Laura please

Laura;No !

Ross;Fine I'll leave you alone I love you *heads downstairs*

Ross's POV
God dammit I feel so bad about forgetting my anniversary with Laura ... I left home I'm taking a walk in the park so I can clear my mind I texted Rydel & told her to watch Laura because I maybe wasn't gonna go home. I'm gonna stay at a hotel tonight since I don't want to cause pointless drama .I just hope Laura's okay ...
So as soon as I got to a hotel I checked in I got my room . I went inside & I laid down . I started thinking . I'm still bummed about forgetting my anniversary with Laura im the worst fiancé ever . with that I started crying again

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