Raura;Amazing Time

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Chapter 42;

Laura;Ross *starts to cry*

Ross;awe your crying don't cry

Laura;It's to much how can I repay you look what you did for me

Ross;I did it because my heart told me never let someone tell you what to do & what not to do just listen to your heart

Laura;Thanks Ross it means a lot.

Ross;No problem sweet heart.

Well the food is chicken with rice.

Laura;Who made it ?

Ross;Don't worry about it *they ate*

Laura;That was delicious

Ross;*gets up* can I have this dance ?

*yells Riker hit it*

Laura;Sure *They danced*

Ross;I've pictured us like this . thanks for being mine .

Laura;No problem Rossy

*They finished & sat down*

Ross;I bought chocolate covered strawberries & cookies

Laura;That sounds good

Ross;Before I forget here close your eyes


Ross;*puts the tiara on Laura & puts the crown on him* okay their Laur open them

Laura;Omg Ross you shouldn't have waisted your money

Ross;I didn't buy them

Laura;Then who did?


Laura;Well I gotta thank her after this

Ross;Okay sweetie *feeds her a strawberry*

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