A Date?

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Chapter 157;

Ross;hey Lindsay

Lindsay;Yeah ross?

Ross;Would you like to go walk in the park?


Lindsay;You mean as in a date?

Ross;Yeah •smiles•

Riker;awe my brother found love again

Lindsay;Sure I don't see why not

Ross;Great I'll pick you up

Lindsay;Okay I better get going bye •hugs Ross•

Riker;Good luck man don't fuck up again

Ross;Thanks man I better going I need to go get ready

Laura;Umm. I'm gonna go home too I'm tired

Riker;Okay laur come back soon

Laura;I'm gonna have to come duhh

Riker;Okay I'll miss you


Ross;Are you gonna want a ride ?

Laura;uh I I'll go walking it's fine it's only 10 minutes away.

Ross;Are you sure?


Ross;but it's like so cold let's go


Ross;Let's go bye Riker take care of delly

Riker;No problem

•They leave & get in the car•

Ross;Why are you so quite?

Laura;I don't know

Ross;Your mood changed when I asked out Lindsay on a date . I thought you like Riker

Laura;•stays quite•

Laura's POV

I can't believe Ross has moved on . I know why he asked Lindsay out on a date cause she's really pretty . she has really nice eyes she's just perfect & then theirs me .

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