Your Not The One

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Chapter 313;

At The Hospital

Doctor;Hello ma'm what's your emergency

Hope;My boyfriend fell really hard and hit his head he's unconscious please help me

Doctor;Okay let me get him to the emergency room .

Hope;Thank you

With The Others

Rydel;just let us go we have to see if our brother is okay

Justin;You guys should've thought about that .were not letting you go until hope texts us .

Riker;Please just let us go why was the reason she took Ryder ?

Justin;Don't worry about it okay? Look I have to win money in order to take care of my mother . just stop asking questions

Vanessa;Okay look just let us leave we won't speak of a word on what happened

Laura;I have to make sure my fiancé is okay please. Let me go I have to check on my son I'm not messing around Justin

Justin; I SAID NO !

Back at the hospital

Hope;This better work

Alex;It's a full proof plan trust it's gonna work


Hope;That's us

Doctor;Okay so ross lynch lost his memory seems like that fall he had was very painful . So I recommend to let one of you go in first so he won't get scared

Hope;okay thanks doc what room is he in?

Doctor;203 in floor b


Doctor;No problem *leaves*

Alex;I told you

Hope;Okay thanks Alex now go back and get his family out of their . If they say a word this baby goes bye bye

Alex;Alright I'll see you then

Hope;and make sure to let them go alright give them the hospital name I'll see you in a bit

Alex;Okay .

Hope Heads To The Room

Ross;Uhh hi??


Ross;Who are you ?

Hope;I'm your fiancé and this is our son Ryder


Hope;Yeah we've been together for a month

Ross;That's great so what happened to me ?

Hope;You fell and well now your here

Ross;That explains it


Ross;Do I have any family members ?

Hope;Yeah In fact their on there way

Ross;Okay well tell me something's about you and I

Hope;I'll tell you In a bit I'm just gonna sit and watch you eat the doctor left your food here already


Hope's POV
Yup this planned work I'm gonna have to marry ross as soon as possible yeah I have Ryder I'm making ross believe he's our son. Well my thoughts got interrupted by the Lynchs walking in oh this is going to be good

Lilly;Ross !

Rocky;I'm glad your okay

Ross;Who the heck are you I don't know who you are get away from me

Riker;Were your family

Ross;Oh sorry

Laura;Wait did you loose your memory ?

Ratliff;By the looks of it yes .

Rydel;What the heck are you doing here Hope

Laura;Give me back my baby

Ross;That's my son ! Leave my fiancé alone


Lizbeth;What did you say?

Ross;You heard me leave my kid alone and my fiancé

Ryland;no that's not your fiancé

Savannah;She's your fiancé *points at laura*

Ross;Stop lying she's not my fiancé Hope is ! We have a baby together! We're gonna get married in 2 weeks .

Laura;Ross please believe me that's our baby Hope tricked you she was the one that caused everything

Ross;Your Not The One . Hope is .

Laura;*starts crying*goodluck take great of Ryder bye *storms off*

Riker;Wow . Your such a bitch Hope

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