Raura;Remember Me?

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Chapter 84;

Laura;I don't know let's see ask me a question ?

Ross;*thinking* okay what happened on our first date ?

Laura;You left me for Anna & you got with her .

Ross;you remember !

Laura;I remember

Ross;okay then what happened?

Laura;I cried than went home in the morning I went to go jog & I saw you while I was with umm what's his name Adam

Stormie;You did what Ross ?

Ross;Long story mom

Stormie;Oh my god Ross .

Mark;Your in big trouble young man !


Rydel;Laura remembers

Vanessa;What's all the fuss?


Vanessa;Your kidding me right ?

Laura;No he's not kidding

Vanessa;Omg !! your back !!

Laura;I'm back :D. You promised to skype mom & dad

Vanessa;You do remember hey we'll Skype them when we move out let's get started

Rocky;Why are you so Happy ?

Riker;Laura remembers !!!

Ryland & Ratliff; she does omg

Ross;Yes c'mon guys group hug !

*They all hug*

Stormie;Okay let's start moving

Ross;Wait I'm forgetting something

Laura;a kiss ?

Ross; yes *kisses Laura*

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!