Should We Leave?

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Chapter 219;

They head to a hotel

Ross;So what now?

Ryland;Okay why don't we get dressed & go ice skating.? So we can get stuff out of Riker's mind.?

Ratliff;I think that's a good idea but I don't think I'll be able to go in

Laura;You could if your just careful same to you Rydel I don't know if you can go in

Rydel;Awe Man I wanted to join the fun

Stormie;Okay you guys can go Ice skating but I don't think it's a good idea for Rydel & Ratliff to go

Ratliff;Okay why don't Rydel & I go to the park while you guys go Ice skating

Riker;I think you guys should come either ways . well be careful I mean you can't really see your belly bump that much delly

Rydel;Yeah I know but what if someone hits me or something

Rocky;that's true . okay instead of ice skating why don't we go for tea ? my treat

Everyone;Sounds good

Riker;Uhh should we leave ?

Ross;Leave where ?

Riker;Back home ..

Mark;Riker it's gonna be okay it's Vanessa's loss . your a great guy .

Stormie;She'll regret what she did sweet heart

Riker;Okay you guys are right

Laura;trust me she'll regret it I know my own sister


Riker's pov

We went to this new place in town called the cheesy bureau and got tea and some of us were hungry so we are to but then I got done eating and just sat there waiting for everyone to finish I looked around the restaurant and I saw a brunette girl crying in a booth all by herself. So I told my family I'll be right back so I walked over to the girl and tried to comfort her and she accepted so I sat there talking to her and she just nodded her head or shook it because she didn't look at me and she kept crying. But then she looks up and I was sorry for who I just saw crying it was Vanessa.

Vanessa:Riker Im sorry I just felt a little overwhelmed seeing you because I'm just having horamones and stuff so I will be with you and you can help me raise this baby. I love you Riker. *hugs him*

Riker:*squeezed in the hug* I love you too Vanessa* hugs back*

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!