She Won't Come Around Like Other Girls

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Chapter 256;

Riker;So what are we going to do .?

Ross;Talk ,we want to get to know Kate


Laura;So how old are you ?


Ross;Damn your so young , but I don't think it's wrong cause my parents leave each other by 5 years

Laura;Do you have siblings ?

Kate;No I'm an only child .How old are you anyway?

Laura;I'm 19

Kate;That's nice what about you blondie?


Kate;That's cool ! how did you guys meet anyway?

Riker;She was our neighbor & well yeah.

Kate;Is their a story behind all this?

Laura;Yeah .

Riker;Well tell you cause well I trust you

Kate;Okay .

Laura;So my old sister decided to move out but my parents said no , they would only let her if she brought me with her . so technically she asked me I said yes so from their we moved in front of them . My sister & I were unpacking when someone knocked . I opened the door & well I saw ross with his sister Rydel . They then invited me over to dinner along with my sister I said yes .

Ross;So that night she came over to our house .I got to know her . I thought she was cute .So then Riker laid his eyes on her sister Vanessa , Riker talked to her we all thought their were hitting it off real good. We ate so then we watched movies. We asked them to stay the night well since they only lived in front . They agreed . So from their the next morning we went to the mall . I asked her out . she said yes .So then my sister & our brother from another mother ended up hooking up that same day . Riker & Vanessa were still single but they liked each other . We went home we had a pool session we then went to the carnival . Vanessa & Riker got together.

Riker;Problems arrived between ross & Laura . Laura ended up breaking up with ross . So then we'll time passed we had a problem with one of ross's ex they pretty much hit Laura so she could've loose her memory . She recovered . So then from their well Vanessa & I were really happy . We never really went on a date . So one time Vanessa got shot she ended up in the hospital Uh well something Happened between Laura & I that made ross & Vanessa think that we were cheating on them .

Ross;Laura ran away she came back u was dating Vanessa . Riker & Laura developed feeling for each other . Laura left Riker because she knew that he still likes Vanessa . So they left each other I broke up with Vanessa. Riker proposed I ended up kissing Vanessa well then she gave Riker the proposal ring back . so pretty much everything from their started messing up

Kate;Dam that sucks


Kate;I'm gonna get going my mom texted that she's outside

Ross;Okay bye

Laura;It was nice meeting you Kate

Riker;Okay bye *hugs her*

Ross;She's pretty cool



Riker;I don't know guys , I think I'm kinda liking Vanessa again ..

Ross;Are you serious ?

Laura;Dude she won't come around like other girls . Riker think wisely.

Riker;I know I'm just confused

Ross;Just think about it .


What is Riker gonna decide ?

Is her gonna stay with Kate or get Vanessa back ?

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