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Chapter 31;

-With Rocky , Julie , Rydel &Rattliff-

Ratliff;That was scary !

Rydel;correction fun !

Rocky;Were going on the roller coaster do you guys wanna join?

Rydel & Ratliff;Sure

Julie;Okay let's go or else the line gets bigger

-With Riker & Vanessa-

Riker;I'm hungry now !

Vanessa;Just one more ride please?

Riker;Okay which one? wait is that the hammer? Omg I wanna go in that one !

Vanessa;Omg that looks scary !

Riker;Don't tell me your scared I thought you said the Maranos are better than us Lynch's

Vanessa;Wanna bet again?

Riker;okay whoever looses & comes out shaking has to write the persons name on their forehead for an entire week with permanent marker & also has to do whatever they say deal?

Vanessa;Deal ! watch me win !

Riker;Yeah right !

-With Ross & Laura-

Laura;The view is amazing !

Ross;I know . Laura your so beautiful I like you so much thank you for giving me a chance *pecks her lips*

Laura;Let's take a picture I wanna Instagram this !

Ross;Okay !

Laura;*on Instagram* with my baby he's the cutest @rossr5

Ross;*phone vibrates* Laura tagged you in a picture.

Laura;Got it ?

Ross;Yes awe sweetie that was cute

Laura;Not as cute as you

Ross;Your so cheesy !

Laura;So are you !

-With Riker & Vanessa-

Vanessa;Where next ! you ready lynch?

Riker;I was born ready !

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!