What Did That Kiss Mean To You?

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Chapter 178;

Laura;Uh I knew if this happened everything was gonna be awkward .

Ross;No it's not awkward were just making it awkward .

Laura;Yeah your right.


Laura;Yeah Ross ?

Ross;What did that kiss mean to you ?

Laura;I guess nothing ...

Ross;Are you kidding me ?

Laura;Haha I'm kidding shor calm down well that kiss did mean something to me


Laura;Yeah what about you ?

Ross;It meant a lot of things to me

Laura;Awe Ross you know I like you right?

Ross;Yes I know & I like you too


Ross;But what?

Laura;I don't think we can date


Laura;Cause Umm I don't think well ever work out again

Ross;We have to try though

Laura;I want to but you'll hurt me again & we both know how it will end

Ross;Fine if we're not gonna date then where just friends & i think that's where I'm gonna stay In the friend zone

Laura;Ross look

Ross;No it's okay Laura I get your decision

Laura;But Ross

Ross;I'm gonna get going if you need anything I'll be in my room *holding his tears in*

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!