Trust Me On This

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Chapter 345;

(Later That Day)

Laura;What are you gonna wear

Ross;Nothing fancy to be honest I don't even care about this date .

Laura;I can tell

Ross;I don't want to go no more

Laura;Well I'm sorry but you gotta go for your families safety

Ross;(sighs)I know don't worry .

Laura;yeah (looks down)

Ross;Are you okay?

Laura;Of course I am

Ross;You sure? You seen down . What's wrong baby?

Laura;I'm sacred


Laura;I'm scared about you going to this date

Ross;Why Are you scared ? Like I said you got nothing to worry about

Laura;What if she kisses you . Than you kiss back . What if you don't come back tonight ? What will I do then?

Ross;You don't have to to worry .

Laura;Are you sure?

Ross;Trust Me On This .

Laura;Okay I trust you

Ross;You know I don't like Hope that way & If I did that was when I was young. Things change Laur she means nothing like I said before my eyes are only on you & will be

Laura;Many of the reasons why I love you (hugs him)

Ross;(hugs back)Can I have a kiss?

Laura;Sure (leans in & kisses him)

Ross;(kisses back)

(3 minutes later)

Laura;(pulls away)go shower cause you only have like 30 minutes than you have to go pick her up


Laura;Don't be lazy

Ross;Why can't I just stay with you .?

Laura;You have a 'date' pending just go. For your family

Ross;your right . I'm gonna shower .


Ross;(pecks her forehead) I'll be out in a bit . (goes in the shower)

Laura;(sighs in love)

Hey guys haven't talked to you . How y'all been ? 😊

I hope great ! ☺️

I have news I don't know if it's good news? But this story is about to end I can say around the 1st or 2nd week of January it depends though 😅.

Well Keep those beautiful smiles on your face lovelies 💗. I love you guys ! 💘 Each & every single one of you . Especially the ones who have been with me since the beginning😘. Thanks for your awesome support ! 😄

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