Someone Keeps Bugging Her

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Chapter 282;

Rydel;I'm going to check on laura I'll be back


Rydel Heads To Laura's Room

Rydel;*knocks*Laura open up

Laura;No go away

Rydel;C'mon Laura I want to talk to you , look your pregnant & it's no good for the baby .

Laura;I don't want to talk to no one

Rydel;I know my brother forgot your anniversary , but it's not good for you too be crying

Laura;Just leave me alone

Rydel;You leave me with no option i'm gonna call your sister & Riker *leaves*

~Phone convo~
Riker;Hey what's up Rydel ?

Rydel;Riker can you come home?

Riker;Why?whats going on? is laura okay ?

Rydel;Okay so technically ross forgot their anniversary , laura locked herself in the room Shes been crying & it's not good for her . Ross left I don't know where but he hasn't came back .

Riker;Oh god I'll be their just give me an hour or so .

Rydel;Okay bye


Lauras POV
Technically I stopped crying but I got a text saying that ross was cheating on me with someone I then got another text saying ross was with the person that he was cheating on me with. I couldn't believe It I don't know if it's true or not . Well I kinda believe it's true because he did forget our anniversary a few hours passed & that's when Riker opens the door I don't know how


Laura;What? can you just go im not in the mood

Riker;Listen to me ross is really sorry that he forgot about your anniversary

Laura;What did he tell you or something ? because now he's cheating on me how great right?

Riker;Ross would never cheat on you he loves to pieces.

Laura;If he really did he wouldn't have forgotten our anniversary day Riker !

Riker;People forget but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you anymore !

Laura;*gets a text* now are you convinced that hes cheating ? *crying*yeah tell me this isn't cheating ! he's in the bed with another girl ! yeah your brother loves me alright *storms out*

Riker;Laura wait

Rydel & The rest walk in

Vanessa;what happened ?

Riker;someone keeps bugging her

Rocky;What do you mean?

Riker;Yeah someone's convincing her that ross is cheating on her

Rydel;Is he?

Ryland;I honestly don't think he would

Lilly;same here

Riker;But who's sending her those messages ?

Ratliff;Who knows maybe someone that wants him again

Yay today is rocky's 20th birthday 😌💘. He's growing up too fast😭😭. Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween yesterday☺️.

Who's sending laura those messages ? 😱

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