Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 14;

Rocky;You guys are so perfect together !

Ross;okay Rocky we get it

Laura;*laughs* wow Rocky you would

Ross;he gets excited about anything

Rocky;okay stop guys I get it

-With the rest-

Vanessa;What's taking them so long?

Rydel;Chill Nessa they'll come

Riker;You know what ?


Riker;We should go to the beach tonight & have a night swim or it could be in our pool

Vanessa;I prefer the pool at your house

Ratliff;Yeah so we can have more privacy than publicity

Rydel;Okay do you & Laura have bikinis ? If not I can let you borrow some

Vanessa;Yeah we have some


*Ross,Laura,&Rocky get their*

Vanessa;Woahh why are Ross & you holding hands?

Ross; Cause were


Riker;Congrats guys !

Ratliff;I knew you guys liked each other

Rydel;awe how cute

Rocky; I was the first one to know ;D

Ross;Okay Rocky calm down !

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