Operation Done.

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Chapter 349;

(In the waiting room)

Riker;Sorry we took long that you guys didn't have a chance to say something to Rocky

Ross;(sighs)It's okay man

Stormie;Let's just keep our fingers crossed boys . & of course ladies .

Mark;I figured this was gonna take a while

Lilly;Of course .. I have something to say

Vanessa;What is it ?

Rydel;Bad news?

Lilly;I don't know how you all will take it

Ratliff;Okay well let's hear

Lilly;So Rocky & I talked a week ago about our wedding we decided to wait until ..


Lilly;Until our baby is born

Mark;Your pregnant?

Lilly;Yeah I'm 3 weeks pregnant

Vanessa;awe congrats Lilly

Savannah;Wait how many weeks or months are you Ness?

Vanessa;I'm 2 months surprisingly

Ross;That's great

Rydel;one thing


Laura;Good Luck to both of you ladies

Lilly;Why would you say that?

Ross;They've had a baby already

Stormie;It's painful to give birth but worth it

Ryland;Congrats Lilly you will be a great mother & Rocky will be a great father

Laura;I can't believe your pregnant & we didn't notice

Lilly;I know it's not really noticeable yet

Mark;Yeah congrats though sweetie let's just hope for the best right now

Lilly;yeah (sad)

Riker;well its 7:50 what do we do in the mean time ?

Ross;I don't know I'm just hungry

Ryder;(wakes up)

Ross;Well look who woke up

Laura;awe Ryder (slightly smiles)


Ross;Did you see that?

Laura;Oh my god he smiled awe (smiles wide)

Lilly;how cute

Ryland;Aren't you all bored ?

Ross;yeah but we can't do nothing of course it's a hospital what do you expect

Laura;Well Ryder fell asleep again he sleeps a lot (pouts)

Strormie;Every baby is like that of course as soon as he starts growing he'll hardly get sleep

Ross;Yeah I know mom

(2 hours later)

Doctor;Rocky Mark lynch ?

Lilly;Yes doctor ?

Doctor;You can see Rocky he's out of the operation room back to his old room


Doctor;No problem .

Riker;Is he okay though ?

Doctor;He's a little weak

Stormie;Thank you doctor

Doctor;I'm at your services (nods his head)

(They head to Rockys room)

Stormie;Oh my baby

Rydel;At least he's good ? Right ?

Ross;that's what the doctor said

Lilly;Yeah (smiles slightly)

Rocky;(heart beat monitor drops flat)



Doctor;(rushes in) exit out

Nurse;were gonna need you guys to go

Mark;my son no (crying)

Lilly;Not my fiancé (tears streaming down her cheeks)

What will happen ? Is Rocky dead?😭😭

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