Your Choice

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Chapter 291;
Laura;I'm gonna go upstairs

Rydel;Okay do you want breakfast ?

Laura;Yeah I'll be back i'm just gonna do something real quick


Laura Heads Upstairs
Ross;Should I go talk to her

Riker;I honestly think you should

Lizbeth;I'm on Riker's side

Ratliff;Yeah but just take things calmly no yelling

Riker;Cause if you yell Vanessa is gonna go after you

Ross;I know , I'll be back

Ross Heads Upstairs

Laura;Come in

Ross;*goes in* hey can I talk to you ?

Laura;Oh it's you .... what do you want ?

Ross;To talk

Laura;About ?

Ross;About what happened look in really sorry I didn't mean for none of this too happen

Laura;No ross it was actually your choice & you did decide this . If this is what you want then go for it

Ross;What do you mean?

Laura;What I mean is if you want to be with Hope it's , Your Choice

Ross;What? No ! I don't want to be with Hope I want to be with you laura

Laura;I don't know ross

Ross;You know I would never play you that way ,I didn't get her pregnant ..

Laura;How am I sure you didn't ?

Ross;Laura I didn't I swear look I can talk to her & see what's really up .

Laura;No I don't need explanations , I think we need some separation

Ross;What do you mean?

Laura;I need time to think to see if I can actually trust you , I need some separation from you .

Ross;No laura please don't do this

Laura;You should've thought twice then I'm sorry but I really need time to think

Ross;Okay I'll confess .when we to that burger place I left to get the order we had our drinks already , I went to get the drinks . When I came back I drank all my soda after That I got to her house I went in her room . She tried to kiss me I pushed her off I didn't leave so then I .. oh my god ...

Laura;So you did have sex with her ?

Ross;I think I did ..

Laura;I can't believe you

Sorry if you hate me for this 😐. It's just how my story goes stay tuned .

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