Why This Again?

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Chapter 149;

Ross;I'm gonna shower real quick cause I'm sweating like a pig


Laura;Pig *laughs*

Ross;Shut up *smirks*

{Ross leaves}

Riker;Sits next to Laura

Laur;So .

Riker;Can I tell you something?


Riker;When I saw you dating Ross I was really jealous cause well I wanted that to be me . yeah sure I like Vanessa but I don't know with you it's really different & trust me I would like to go back in a heart beat

Laura;Riker don't make this harder for me. It's like you & Ross are making me choose . I like both of you but I don't know.

Riker;Give me a chance to prove myself again you won't regret it . tell me when have I hurt you ? never if the only reason we ended was because you asked me to get Vanessa back . I would never hurt you .

*Starts moving closer*

Laura;Riker you know Ross likes me & If I get with you I will just hurt him I don't want that .

Riker;He doesn't need to know

Laura;I'm not gonna lie I'm not like that

Riker;Laur I understand just one more chance please that's all I'm asking for

Laura;Riker plea- *riker cuts her off by kissing her*

{Ross walks in}

Ross;Laura *sad*

Laura;Ross it's not what it looks like

Ross;Oh then?

Riker;I kissed her

Ross;But why this again?

Laura;Me & Riker might get back together


Laura;Riker ouch ouch

Riker;What's wrong ?

Laura;My leg hurts

Ross;When's the doctors appointment ?


Ross;Do you have your pills?

Laura;in my room

Ross;I'll be back


Poor Ross :(

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