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Chapter 273;

Ross;Great you guys are here .

Riker;Yeah apparently

Ratliff;Is Rosalie asleep?

Rydel;Yeah she's probably going to wake up in a bit

Vanessa;Rydel I'd like to apologize for being a bitch in the past , I'm hoping we can start over .

Rydel;I'm sorry too for being mean & not letting you be with my brother . I'd like that .

Vanessa;Awesome !

Laura;About time you guys made up

Ross;I know right

Rocky;were just going to ask you for one thing ness

Vanessa;Okay name it

Ryland;But you have to promise too

Ratliff;Oh no

Ross;Are you guys going to ask her not to hurt Riker ?

Ryland;Be quite ross okay promise us you won't hurt Riker

Ross;I knew it

Rydel;be quiet were not done


Rocky;Don't take him for granted cause guys like Riker don't come around often .

Ross;Exactly & Riker is our older brother we wouldn't want to see him hurt so that's all we're asking for

Vanessa;I promise I won't hurt Riker you have my word

Rydel;Thank you Vanessa

Vanessa;No problem

Sorry for such a short chapter 😪. It's cause I went to celebrate my grandmas birthday & it really didn't give me time to update . my chapters will be longer by tomorrow I promise

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