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Chapter 87;

Ross;Okay guys time to go !

Mark;Alright don't forget the plan .

Stormie;Keep an eye out for Anna !


Rydel;Let's get going we only have 10 mins .

Vanessa;Hold on put a tiny camera on Laura's jacket

Ratliff;Gosh your smart

Vanessa;Well duhh!

Ross;Okay let's go

*They head to the park*

-Laura gets off the van-

Joshua;*checking her out* nice to see you again .

Laura;*uncomfortable* nice to see you too .

Joshua;Wow I'm impressed you remember everything again I mean how you been?

Laura;Pretty good

Joshua;Your here alone ?


Joshua;Great *evil smile*


Joshua;*does a signal* I have company

*Anna walks in*

Anna;Hey Laura *evil smile*

Laura;What are you doing here?

Anna;To hurt you *pulls out a gun*

{With the Lynch's}

Mark;NOW !!!

*They all get off the van*

Anna;*shocked* you played us !

Ross;Of course Anna leave her alone or I swear to god I'll do something to you !

Mark;Look Anna your a very stunning girl but a horrible personality .

Anna;You guys think I care , I want Laura to suffer

Vanessa;Over my dead body!!

Anna;Great *Pulls the gun trigger*

Vanessa;Okay shoot me !

Anna;You really want me to?

Riker;No don't please

Rocky; look calm down were not here for a fight

Anna;to late *shoots*

Mark;Get her out of here take her to the hospital!!!

Laura;No Vanessa *crying*

Rydel & Ratliff;I'll go with you

Ross;What the hell is wrong with you ?!?

Anna;Nothing *laughs*

Laura;You guys are sick!

Stormie;Say your last goodbyes

Anna & Joshua;Why

*The police gets off the car*

-At the hospital with Riker*

Rydel;Someone help my friend please *crying*

Doctor;What's wrong?

Ratliff;She got shot

Doctor;Okay we'll have to take her from here we'll be back

To be continued.....

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