Raura;Am I jealous

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Chapter 62;

Laura's POV; We headed back home until their was this girl in front of my boyfriends house I was wondering who she was honestly she's really pretty & I think she knows one of the Lynch's

Riker;Hey Rydel is that Megan?

Vanessa;Who's Megan ??

Riker;My old friend


Riker;*gets off the car & yells* hey Megan is that you??

???;Who are you ?

Riker;It's me Riker

??;No way it is you !!!

Riker;I've missed you so much !!

Megan;Me too !!


Riker;Oh Megan this is my girlfriend Vanessa .

Megan;Nice to meet you I'm Megan *smiles*

Vanessa;Yes I know who you are I've heard your name like 3x in the car *rolls her eyes*

Riker;Nessa are you okay

Vanessa;Yeah why wouldn't i

Riker;I don't know

Megan;So Riker

Riker;How was Washington ?

Megan;It was awesome I loved it

Rydel;Laura is Vanessa jealous ??*smirks*

Laura;Apparently . for a moment I thought she was friends with you babe

Ross;Nah I don't like her she used to like Riker


Rocky;Yeah she used to like Riker well I don't know if she still does

Vanessa;Oh hell no she better stay away from my man !!!

Ratliff;Hahaha Vanessa's jealous

Rocky;So it shows she cares


Adam;Vanessa your better though *winks*

Vanessa;No Adam just no

Adam;Imma get going see you guys around bye


Riker;Guys come over here !!

Vanessa;No thank you I'm leaving bye

Riker;Hey were are you going ?

Vanessa;Home where else aren't you busy with your "friend"?


Vanessa;That's what I thought bye

Laura;I'm going with you

Ross;Me too

Rydel;Me three . you know what let's all go

Rocky;Awe yeah!!

*They head to the Maranos*

Megan;so who's house is this ?

Riker;My girlfriends

Megan;You know you can clean this house it's really dirty .

Laura;Umm who are you to tell us what to do?? Honey we just moved in that's why this place is a mess just like your face


Vanessa*laughs* well I'm going to shower

Laura;Yeah me too

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