Raura;Finishing the game

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Chapter 7;

(Laura POV;When Ross kissed me I felt butterflies in my stomach I don't know if I feel something for him)

(Ross POV; I can't believe I kissed Laura it was the best feeling ever ,She's just perfect for me & I want her to be mine )

Rocky;okay let's continue

Riker;Laura go for it spin it


-Laura spins the bottle-

It lands on Riker

Ratliff;Truth or dare ?

Rydel;oh this is gonna be good


Rocky;is it true you like Vanessa

Riker;*blushes* no she's just my friend besides I just met her

Rocky;okay guys I'm tired it's 11:00 already

Riker;wait isn't Ryland supposed to be back?

Rocky;Call him

Ross;he's probably at his friends house

Rocky;yeah Ross is right

Laura; I'm gonna go to sleep . Wait were am I gonna sleep at?

Rocky;well there's the couch but I prefer for you to sleep with Ross because his room has 2 beds you can sleep on Rylands

Laura; is that okay with you Ross?

Ross; yeah I'm cool with it

Rydel;What about Vanessa ?

Riker;umm you can sleep with me if you want I know it's gonna be weird because we all just met but we'd rather have you guys sleep comfortable then be crunched up .

Vanessa;yeah sure I understand

Ratliff; I'll sleep in the couch Goodnight guys !

Riker & the rest;Goodnight Ratliff

-they all headed up stairs-

Ross;Well that's rylands bed I'm sorry it's messy .

Laura;it's okay

Ross;You know what sleep on my bed I'll sleep on the floor

Laura;Well your beds pretty big why don't we just sleep together I mean were just friends

Ross;are you sure ?

Laura;yeah I mean it is your bed

Ross;okay than , thanks goodnight


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