What Do You Mean?

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Chapter 172;

Riker;Hey why were you yelling at Ross ?

Laura;Cause he was ignoring me & well we kinda agreed not to be friends or talk to each other •upset•

Riker;Oh uh laur can I tell you something?


Riker;Honestly I seen how much Ross really likes you . well I know age is overrated but to me if feels wrong to date you please don't take it personal or any other way

Laura;What do you mean.? Or what are you trying to say?

Riker;What I'm trying to say is I think we should break up .

Laura;But why ?•tearing up•

Riker;Laura can you understand I like you but I've never really forgotten about Vanessa . you & Ross belong together .

Laura;But I like you Riker .

Riker;But laur you deserve the best

Laura;Your the best for me Riker. if it's gonna be that way then I respect your decision rik .

Riker;•hugs her • I would hug you with both arms but I can't cause one is messed up •laughs•

Laura;It's okay as long as I'm in your arms .

Riker;Okay •kisses her forehead• now go get the love of your life

Laura;I'm gonna give it time

Riker;Okay . Laura I can't believe my sister is pregnant . how are my parents gonna react when they come back?

Laura;Hey at least she's going to be happy that's all that matters . but if your parens really love your sister they'd support her all the way

Riker;I guess your right

Laura;Be glad your going to be an uncle

Riker;I know. I'm glad it's Ratliff & not some other douche bag


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