Raura;The talk

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Chapter 35;

Ross;No problem Laur I'll do anything to keep you safe .

Laura;Thanks Ross *gets a text*


Unrecognized Number;Leave Ross alone or else your going to suffer like never before ! he's mine & always will be mine !

Ross;Who was that?

Laura;I don't know...

Ross;I think it's Anna .

Laura;Well Ross

Ross;Laura just ignore her I told you I'm not going to leave you just because she's trying to mess up our relationship

Laura;Thanks Rossy . So tell me more about Anna

Ross;I met her at the park cause of Rocky's ex girlfriend they were best friends . She introduced me to her I texted her every day until I talked to her again in person I asked her out then I asked her on a date she said yes I took her to a fancy restaurant she then wanted to go to a club but I said no. She got mad threw a tantrum but I ignored her I took her home the next day we were talking when she went to the restroom she left her phone on the couch it vibrated & well she cheated on me I never forgave her she told me she was going to try to win me over again that same day I met you she's been texting me I told her to back off because I was taken she got mad that's why she's trying to hurt you .

Laura;wow Ross I'm sorry .

Ross;So how did you find out that your ex boyfriend cheated?

Laura;Well ...
It was not long ago him & I met in school he was a kind guy I thought he was the one he became my friend he told me to trust him I did I told him everything until one day he asked me out I said yes . we went on a date he took me to the beach we had a picnic he wanted to go over bored but I said no I didn't want to do that. so the next day we were still happy time passed on our 3rd month anniversary was the day I found out he cheated because Vanessa was going to the park with a friend she saw him kissing another girl she told him things she told me I didn't believe her but her friend told me it was true but I knew my sister would never lie to me I broke up with him . When I was coming to LA he told me that he'll look for me & force me to be with him that's why I'm scared

Ross;No Laur he won't because I'll protect you . Were a team here . Okay?

Laura;Okay thank you Rossy your the best *pecks him on the lips*

Ross;anything for my princess !

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