He's Sorry

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Chapter 234;

Downstairs with the others

Rydel;Who's gonna talk to Laura ?

Ratliff;I will

Mark;Okay guys your mom & I are going out. We'll be back around 8 .

Rocky;Okay careful

Ryland;Im out too . I'm gonna take a nap peace .

Rocky;Lazy ass !

Ryland;Shut up

Rydel;Okay well ratliff go talk to Laura

Ratliff;Okay .

With Ratliff & Laura

Ratliff;hey Laura

Laura;Hey what's up ?

Ratliff;You okay ?

Laura;Yeah why wouldn't I be

Ratliff;Well we saw you crying . what's wrong?

Laura;it doesn't really matter .

Ratliff;Yes it does what happened Cmon you can trust me .

Laura;Well ross & I were talking things got out of hand . he told me he wasn't gonna be their to support me when I give birth .

Ratliff;You know he didn't really mean that ? Ross loves you Laura . I'm sorry to say this but this is your mistake here he's trying to get you back but you don't want to . He's sorry . you just don't want to accept .

Laura;Your right . I've been a bitch.

Ratliff;No all you have to do is talk but don't start telling him otherwise .

Laura;I know . So should I give him a chance ?

Ratliff;I think you should .

Laura;Okay thanks Ratliff .

Ratliff;No problem remember your my sister & that's why I'm here to help . now wipe off those tears & get ross .

Laura;Okay Imma get going .

Laura heads upstairs

Laura;Ross are you in here ? Ross? *starts looking around*

Ross;Oh hey Laura I was just showering

Laura;Yeah I kinda figured .

Ross;So what are you doing here? not trying to be rude.

Laura;I came to talk to you


Laura;Earlier . look I'm sorry I've been a bitch . I just I don't know I've been down . & well I wanted you to feel the same way I felt.

Ross;Its okay don't worry about it I'm mad at myself for leaving too

Laura;I'm glad your back though . can we start all over now ?

Ross;I'd love that . well let me do this properly. Laura Marie marano would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend again ?

Laura;I'd love to *hugs ross*its great to be in your arms again

Ross;I know I've missed you

Laura;I missed you too ..

Ross;I'm glad we're back

Laura:Same here I love you ross

Ross;I love you too Laurie also the baby your carrying

Laura;I know . *smiles*


Ross & Laura are back !😄

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