Get Away

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Chapter 304;
Ross;*yells*foods ready Laura

Laura;*yells back* I'm going

Laura Heads To The Kitchen

Ross;Here you go

Laura;Spaghetti with meatballs ? Looks good !

Ross;Yeah where Ryder ?

Laura;I just finished giving him a bath he's in the room sleeping

Ross;I haven't seen him I really missed him

Laura;Yeah he's such a little angel . I'm pretty surprised he doesn't cry a lot

Ross;Really ?

Laura;Yeah . He's a calm baby

Ross;That's great . What are you planning on doing while your here ?

Laura;Well nothing much since I have my 2 favorite boys with me that's all I need .

Ross;So I'm your favorite boy ? *smirks*
Laura;Don't try to get dirty on me Shor

Ross;*chuckles* whatever did you know that Vanessa is-



Laura;Hope is here go in the room please

Ross;No laura I'm staying here I told you I was gonna have a serious talk with her .

Laura;Ross please just listen to me

Ross;Laura it's gonna be okay

Knock at the door

Laura;*gets up & opens it* oh hey Hope

Hope;Hey laura

Laura;Well you saw that I'm here you can go now

Hope;Don't try to play me I saw Ross's car .Look Laura I'm not stupid

Ross;Woah hold it . Okay 1st thing what are you doing here ? 2nd of all you don't come here & talk to her that way . 3rd of all why do you care if I'm here or not ?

Hope;Chill Shor , I warned your fiancé . You guys really should keep your house secured

Laura;What do you mean

Ryder starts crying

Laura;Not my baby . Please Hope

Hope;I warned you .

Ross;Okay who has my baby ? Really hope just leave us alone .

Laura;*runs to the room*

Hope;I just wanted you & laura to separate .

Ross;That's not happening

Hope;Hmm your girlfriend is late on your son

Laura;*comes back*just give me my baby back

Hope;I told you laura you didn't listen

Ross;Get Away . Okay fine you want me to be the father of your child then I will . just give laura back the baby .

Hope;Okay than its settled . give her the baby

They Give Laura The Baby Back

Ross;Your a fucking idiot never in hell id want to be with someone like you

Hope;Your such a bastard ross . trust me I'll be back. Just make sure to keep an eye out for your son.

Laura;Ross I'm really sorry

Ross;Why are you sorry ?

Laura;For creating all this drama your life was perfectly fine until I came In

Ross;Don't worry about it . If I have to fight for you I will . Just don't be sorry .

Laura;I'm glad Ryder's okay though & I'm glad nothing happened to you either

Ross;I know me too *kisses Ryder's head* he's too small to be going through this drama .

Laura;I know

Ross;You know we should call the others .

Laura;Yes we should you know we can stay here for the weekend I mean it's only Thursday .

Ross;That's true just let me contact them

Laura;Okay I will would you like to put Ryder to sleep ?

Ross;Yes of course

Laura;Okay I'll be back *hands Ryder to ross*

Ross;*starts talking to ryder*hey their baby boy I finally have you in my arms again you don't know how much I missed you . Your an adorable little baby . I'm sorry your going through this its just that mommy & I have too face every person that's trying to get in our way just so we can be a happy family . Your gonna be daddy's little rockstar no matter what happens throughout life . I know your probably wondering what I'm saying but I love you Ryder , your the best thing that's happened to mommy & I . Trust me your mother loves you with all her force . So do I your the son I've wanted. Soon you'll have another sibling . I love you Ryder I always will . *pecks his cheek*

Laura;awe cute father & son moment

Ross;You heard ?

Laura;Yes everything . I love you ross .

Ross;I love you too

Awe Ross & Ryder's moment 🙈💖.stay tuned for the next chapter 💘.

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