Raura;Together Again?

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Chapter 60;

Laura;You never waste my time Ross I just need time because I mean look you hurt me & I cried all day while you just told me hurtful things

Ross;I know I didn't mean to I got caught up In the moment when I saw you beat up Anna

Vanessa;Laura why don't you just give Ross another chance he's just bipolar but something good will come out of this I know your scared of getting hurt but look he'll learn from his mistakes

Rocky;It's your choice though were not making you choose him

Ratliff;Laura if you need time he'll give it to you just don't make him wait long because their will be a point when he'll get over you

Adam;Look Laur we all know why you won't give him a chance & it's because your heart is scared you just have to try because failing is not an option it's a choice . Love is no game . you have to fight for what you love

Riker;He's right

Laura;Okay Ross you know what I think I should give you another chance

Ross;Really ? omg


Ross;Your the best !!

Rydel;awe I'm happy for you guys just don't mess up again Ross

Laura;Thank you all for making me realize this

Rydel & the rest;No problem

Ross;Let's go get this started !!


(Raura is back)

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