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WARNING! Fairy Tales by RobThier
WARNING! Fairy Talesby Robert Thier
WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and wi...
  • cinderella
  • funny
  • mermaid
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Dawnhammer by Arrowmancer
Dawnhammerby Arrowmancer
Ancient human technology, lost since the Great war has been used to annihilate the distant Arian homeworld. Nothing but the end of the human race will quell the Arian l...
  • scifi
  • adventure
  • sciencefiction
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Frostbite by rowansberry
Frostbiteby rowansberry
The world is unfair-a fact Eira has known all her life. Some people are lucky, some are not. She is one of the lucky. Her adoptive brother Cerin is not. In a world rule...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • highfantasy
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Spellbound Sword by MattShore
Spellbound Swordby Matt Shore
A Wattpad Featured Story, Highest Rank: #3 in Adventure! Synopsis: Travis was an orphan living in Mercy Square, until a magic-using outlaw named Kane Verdalea sw...
  • family
  • adventure
  • funny
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In A Starship's Wake by HunterMountain
In A Starship's Wakeby Stephen Schamber
Several years ago Joseph and Tyrone became business partners, pooling their money to buy a light interstellar transport ship. Most of their business is taking cargo to a...
  • planets
  • scifi
  • starship
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A Blaze in the Dark (A New Dawn #1) by Dante_Greywolf
A Blaze in the Dark (A New Dawn #1)by D. Greywolf
[High Fantasy/Dark Fantasy] Finally Sebastian is old enough to be a warrior. He has dreamt about joining his friends, Alex and Nick, for as long as he could remember. Li...
  • fox
  • fate
  • historical
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Soar by shebephoebe
Soarby Phoebe
Please note: this is a third-draft story but is not revised. More than a century ago, dragons and the blue-eyed Shaderi flew together. Then they were brought down by je...
  • medieval-fantasy
  • dragon-rider
  • slave
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Kisses From Death | Book 1 by twelvewonderingstars
Kisses From Death | Book 1by aurora
[BOOK ONE] Highest Rank Thriller: #1 (4.12.17) "Whatever he does, whatever he throws at me," I panted, leaning my back against the door as my usually obnoxious...
  • death
  • life
  • action
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Sky Woman: Book One of The Empress Saga by drahcirwolf
Sky Woman: Book One of The drahcirwolf
Enfri is the last sky woman of her village. She is a healer, herbalist, and midwife. The day she is visited by Jin, a beautiful assassin in service to the king, Enfri st...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • projectwomanup
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A Daughter of Aslan by ansleybug18
A Daughter of Aslanby ansleybug18
R E V I E W S : "This story should have more votes and reads. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for this amazing book!" @I_am_the_Fangirl "Awesome book!&q...
  • narnia
  • lucy
  • magic
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The World Without Them || Original Pokémon Fanfiction by UnisonRaider
The World Without Them || May 5 • BTS IN LA
Long ago, a species called Pokémon inhabited every corner of the earth, from the depths of the ocean to the atmosphere. They roamed the fields and swam in ponds. They re...
  • action
  • adventure
  • pokemon
The Blade by Reffster
The Bladeby Alex Midwinter
Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George had it tough. And that's even before the assassins came for him, he discovered he's descended from a god, and...
  • portal
  • complete
  • fantasy
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Million Dollar Man by something_hopeless
Million Dollar Manby Claire Monette
Gangs. That was the one thing that had ruined Evelyn Summers life since the start. With her brother being the leader of “The London's Eyes,”growing up in a world of crue...
  • adventure
  • possessive
I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1) by Vexitus
I Guess I'm a Dragon Now (Part 1)by Kaleb Keeton
Upon awakening, a man who is steadily losing his memories suddenly finds himself in a peculiar situation. He can't seem to move or breathe while everything around him is...
  • magic
  • featured
  • adventure
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Constantine (Daughter of War #1) by MissBookNut
Constantine (Daughter of War #1)by Rotting for the Break
Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deit...
  • magic
  • medieval
  • battle
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Sudden Superhero by Kelsea_Dove
Sudden Superheroby Kelsea Dove
When sixteen-year-old high school student Peter Maguire sees a man dangling from his roof, his first instinct is to help him up. He does, but it turns out that instincts...
  • superhero
  • adventure
  • projectsuper
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Beastly Little Boy by sandydragon1
Beastly Little Boyby sandydragon1
An unruly ten year old boy, consumed by grief after the death of his father two years ago, has gradually turned into a bear. His mother has him captured and sent deep in...
  • youngadult
  • transformation
  • forest
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The Royal Thief by 18gooda
The Royal Thiefby 18gooda
Enter a dangerous, magical realm on the brink of rebellion, where the loyalty of the Guardians means power... or death. What happens when one Guardian turns her back on...
  • rebels
  • secret
  • action
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King of the Woodlands by prvmadonna
King of the Woodlandsby ash
"They say the Woodland King's voice makes the rivers flow fast, that his claws could shred men into mere ribbons of flesh and bone." The Woodland King terroriz...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • war
  • retelling
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Caveship by ERMaloza
Caveshipby E. R. Maloza
18-year-old Nicholas Mason is a fairly average teenager from the small town of Aberdeen, Washington, in his final year of high school. When an earthquake awakens him at...
  • scifi
  • spaceship
  • teen
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