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Delta: A Spy Novel by vb123321
Delta: A Spy Novelby Monica
♥ Astrid ♥ Gunshots. Karate moves. Flipping through languages so fast that my brain struggled to catch up. These had been as familiar to me in the six years I had been...
Miss General by moonlight468
Miss Generalby moonlight468
Anna Berndt is a very skilled assassin in Russia. She has trained since she was born and is skilled in any weapon one can think of. She breaks out of that world and move...
Into the Pit by RosalieWayward
Into the Pitby RosalieWayward
While fleeing from the people who are supposed to be protection, five friends come across the pit. Their journey becomes the adventure of a lifetime, and maybe even the...
Knife in the Dark by ArgusPalas
Knife in the Darkby Orion Chase
How do you deal when a trained assassin goes rogue? You neutralize them. But what happens when nine of them go rogue? You try to hunt them.
American Assassins by Art_geek14
American Assassinsby Ashley H
In the future of North America a group called the Unions have taken control of Canada and are getting stronger by the minute. Although they are trying to conquer the re...
Stand Alone by AnonymousWriter1407
Stand Aloneby AnonymousWriter1407
When young, 21 year old ex-marine McKenzie Taylor follows in her dead parents' footsteps it can mean nothing but bad news. It's make or break time for McKenzie as she ta...
Birth Row by lymanfish
Birth Rowby Frank Lyman
Clara Gannett is rich, famous and beautiful. She also has an axe to grind. Leonard Watkins murdered four of her ancestors for which he received four consecutive life sen...
Revenge of a Lifetime by lonesomeone15
Revenge of a Lifetimeby lonesomeone15
Determined to avenge her sisters death, Hayleiah Jay Riley has devoted her life to training with a government agency located in Texas. Every day seems to bring her adver...
How to be Happy: Futility in Choosing by Authorswagger
How to be Happy: Futility in Marcus Magbitang
Two weeks after a brutal fight, our ragtag group of protagonists battle against an insane Yakuza Family Patriarch and his lackeys, desperate to uncover the truth behind...
Lightning Cloud by AghaKhan3
Lightning Cloudby Agha M Ali Khan
A retired assassin comes to spend the rest of his life in the comfort of a suburban community, and makes new friendships that were previously not possible for him. Howev...
Assassination on the Kill by Angelgirl4ever02
Assassination on the Killby Angelgirl4ever02
Known as the strongest team in the Assassin World, they make impossible missions a success. Though only at ages of 13 and having a student life, they are stronger then y...
CTIA by Brink_of_pure_awe
I woke up at six at night to a loud alarm I went to the computer and it flashed PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING IN THE NEXT 5 minuets 37 seconds and it started counting down. T...
Eagle by BrandonAnzaldi
Eagleby Brandon Anzaldi
A government/suspense/romance/thriller/a bunch of other stuff. Anybody that enjoys cliffhangers and edge of your seat action will enjoy this book.
Tyler "Hunter" Adams - Part 1 - Selection by SHADOWHUNTER24
Tyler "Hunter" Adams - Part 1 - SHADOWHUNTER24
Tyler's in his last term in secondary school. Most kids would go college and graduate at university. But Tyler's got other plans. His father worked for the army and he w...
Chivalry: Prologue  by Nobodyouknowmate
Chivalry: Prologue by Nobodyouknowmate
Robert Thatcher doesn't have a licence to's to much paperwork. In a world where Britain's enemies no longer have borders,In a world where uniforms are relics a...
An Angel with a Gun by Maystorybegin
An Angel with a Gunby May's stories
In the action-packed storyline of "An Angel with a gun," Agent Angel embarks on a thrilling journey of espionage, courage, and heroism. Tasked with infiltratin...
Chivalry: Blackfyre  by Nobodyouknowmate
Chivalry: Blackfyre by Nobodyouknowmate
It's been seven since Chivalry's founding but the agency is no closer to killing Pine.Lancelot (Robert Thatcher) is now a couple hours away from retirement and now it's...
NIGHT DROP( A Eric the Red thriller: Book 1) by jdoggy
NIGHT DROP( A Eric the Red jdoggy
Eric the red Donovan, Navy seal sniper turned CIA black ops assassin is on a mission in Oslo, Norway to track down an assassin Organization before they can order thei...
Mercennariorum by Spriggs2756
Mercennariorumby Spriggs56
In 2019, weapon companies around the world began making a killing on selling weapons to the public; a company monopolizing nearly every trade, commodity, and service. Th...