I hate you !

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Chapter 200;

Ross;Laura wait !!

Riker;Wow Ross your literally a jerk !

Rydel;Exactly now don't go kissing ass to her !

Rocky;Okay guys calm down Ross made a mistake but let's not tell him things that'll go over board

Ratliff;Your right

Ross;Why are you guys so concerned now ? I'm out of here bye *leaves*

With Laura & Ross

Ross;Laura please let me explain

Laura;Explain what?

Ross;Cassandra was the one that kissed me first

Laura;Oh yes like always the girls always kiss you first . I bet you that you kissed back


Laura;Exactly *gets a suitcase while crying*

Ross;Were are you going ?

Laura;To a hotel I don't want to be near a person like you anymore

Ross;What about our baby?

Laura;You can forget about us.

Ross;& our marriage ?

Laura;Not happening no more . I can't trust you knowing you'll kiss another girl

Ross;Laura it wasn't like that

Laura;It's never like that right Ross ? okay tell me when have I ever kissed a guy ? when have I been unfaithful to you ? when have I broken your heart purposely ? never because I love you too much to put you through pain but seems to you like I'm a toy & you don't care ! *sobbing* I hate you Ross ! more than ever your a douche bag *gets her suitcase* bye *starts heading downstairs*

Ross;Laura wait please *gets her from her arm*

Laura;Get away from me *tries getting off his grip*

Ross;Laura listen to me I love you I don't want to loose you *grabbing her am*

Laura;No Ross you don't *gets off his grip but falls & starts rolling down the stairs*

Ross;Laura !!! *quickly goes down the stairs*


Ohh what's gonna happen next ?

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