Oh boy

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Chapter 270;

The Next Morning

Ross;Good morning princess , how did you sleep?

Laura;Morning love & I slept good

Ross;That's good lets go


Ross;To eat breakfast downstairs duhh

Laura;Okay let's go ,don't we have a photoshoot today ?

Ross;I got the date wrong but we can do normal couple things I can take you to the mall , stay home watch movies , or cuddle

Laura;Cuddle & talk

Ross;Sounds good lets go

They Head Downstairs

Riker;Hey ross hey laura

Laura;Morning Riker how you feeling ?

Riker;Great . Where's Vanessa ? is Rydel still in the hospital?

Ross;woah too many questions their wait .


Ross;Did you get your memory back?

Riker;I don't know but Rocky & ryland are in a room already

Laura;Oh my god you got your memory back !

Riker;I did ? this is great !!

Laura;I thought it was going to take a week

Riker;Well who knows but this is awesome .

Ross;You aren't off the hook though Rydel & Nessa keep arguing

Laura;Speaking of Nessa here she comes

Vanessa;Good morning

Riker;good morning

Ross;Are you guys hungry?

Riker;I made pancakes their over their near the stove . Theirs whipped cream & fruit in case . Oh I made you a strawberry banana smoothie Laura since your not a big fan of coffee

Laura;Thanks Riker

Vanessa;How you feeling?


Ross;are you going to tell her ?

Vanessa;Tell me what ?

Riker;I got my memory back

Vanessa;Really? this is great !


Vanessa;I'm really happy .

Rydel & ratliff walk in

Ross;Morning how was the 1st night ?

Rydel;Exhausting we had to get Rosalie's crib in our room she wouldn't stop crying ,ratliff here was too lazy to take care of her

Ratliff;I at least helped

Rydel;about time

Ratliff;Are Rocky & ryland here.?

Riker;Yes they just got home 2 hours ago in pretty sure their sleeping

Ratliff;Woah dude did you get your memory back?

Riker;Yes , just today

Ratliff;That's Amazing

Riker;I know .

Rydel;Oh Umm ross is their anything to eat?

Ross;Theirs pancakes that Riker made

Rydel;Oh we'll never mind

Laura;Theirs also cereal

Rydel;I'll get some cereal

Riker;I didn't do nothing to the pancakes . Stop being immature

Rydel;I'm not being immature okay?

Vanessa;Oh boy ..

Riker;Well quit acting like it !

Rydel;I'm not in the mood to argue !

Riker;Its all your fault ! that's why I was in the hospital ! I hate you !

Rydel;Its not my damn fault your stupid ass came to apologize to me ! it's not my fault ! you were the one not watching where you were going !

Riker;The Only reason I apologized was because ross told me too , but if he wouldn't have told me too I wouldn't have apologized !

Rydel;So now ross is your boss?

Riker;No quit acting like a bitch ! especially to my girlfriend.!

Rydel;The only bitch here is her ! I'm not being a bitch ! she had to come in & ruin everything !

Ratliff;STOP !


Riker;You stay out of it !


Ratliff;I thought you were gonna apologize to her

Rydel;Not anymore ,thanks a lot jerk ! *leaves*

Things got worse 😪.

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