I Hate My Life Now

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Chapter 202;

Laura;This has to be a bad dream *sobbing*

Stormie;We wish it was but it's reality sweetie

Laura;No it's not . I just want my baby . *crying*

Mark;Laura the doctors did everything they could

Laura;But I wanted to raise my family

Rydel;You will soon

Laura;Rydel you are so lucky . Ratliff take good care of her

Riker;Hey it's going to be okay

Laura;No it won't . I wanted my son or daughter to be with me ! you don't understand !

Stormie;Laura sweetie we understand you wanted your baby but look sometimes things happen for a reason

Ross;Laura I'm sorry *crying*

Laura;If you would've just let me go this wouldn't have happened !

Ross;Look i didn't mean for this to happen . I wanted to settle everything so we could've at least be together

Laura;I hate you Ross !

Rocky;Ross let's go in the waiting room let them calm her down . c'mon cause I know your gonna get heated easily & tell her things

Ross;No I'm staying here

Rocky;Let's go man

Mark;Just go son it's for the best.


Ross & Rocky leave

Laura; Stormie

Stormie;Yeah Laura ?

Laura;I hate my life now

Ratliff;Dont say that

Riker;You have a life ahead of you

Laura;I do i hate it I have nothing to live for anymore

Mark;Yes you do sweetheart you just need time . we get that you lost your child, but never forget that where still here to support you

Laura;Thanks but I just I don't know. I wanted to be a mother . *crying even more*

Rydel;Laura please don't be sad

Laura;How can I not ?

Ratliff;Laura hey you should rest .

Laura;Okay *wipes her tears*

With Ross & Rocky



Ross;I feel bad

Rocky;Hey Ross no it's not your fault you were just trying to get her back

Ross;Yeah by making her fall off the stairs .

Rocky;No you didn't make her fall . maybe when she pulled her arm she did it with a lot of force that made her fall. don't blame yourself

Ross;But she lost the baby . my baby. her baby . our baby . *crying*

Rocky;you can always make another

Ross;It won't be the same.

Rocky;I get it give it time & maybe everything will settle it's way through

Ross;Thanks rocky

Rocky;No problem just know we're always gonna be here for you .

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