Just Save Him !

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Chapter 347;

(At The Hospital)

Ross;Okay hurry take him down !

Mark;Ross calm down let paramedics do this

Ross;NO ! YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THIS IS MY FAULT! (storms off crying)

Stormie;(crying)Ugh this is too much to handle

Paramedics;Okay we're gonna take Rocky Mark Lynch from here

Laura;I'll go talk to him

Riker;Hurry back were gonna go inside

Vanessa;So it's official at least Hope got arrested . Now we gotta worry about your brother . Riker I've been thinking why don't we just push our wedding date theirs a lot happening right now .

Riker;yeah don't worry . I was thinking the same thing


Ratliff;(rubbing Rydels back)he's gonna be okay

Rydel;What if he's not ? Ratliff the weak part is the back


Riker;Shh Lilly its gonna be okay let's go inside .

Savannah;(carrying Ryder) Let's just go inside

Ryland;Cmon mom & dad in a bit they'll have news about Rocky

Mark;Your right let's just go (crying)

(They Go In The Hospital)

With Laura & Ross



Laura;I know this is hard you just gotta calm down .

Ross;This is my fault

Laura;No it's mine I should've never told them you went on a date with hope

Ross;No it's mine if I would've never agreed on going on that dam date this would've never happened (crying)

Laura;Ross please (hugs him) I can assure you Rocky will be okay he's a strong young man let's think positive for him .I know he will be alright let's go your parents are worried

Ross;(hugs back)thanks for always being their (dries his tears) I love you

Laura;I love you too . Let's go back in their & see what's up.


(They go in the hospital)

Laura;Any news ?

Rikee;Not yet

Ryland;Were still waiting .


Savannah;He will be okay

Lilly;I just want Rocky to make it (crying)

Stormie;Oh sweetie we want him to make it to (hugs her)

Mark;He's strong . all we can do is pray to God for him to be good

Vanessa;Why do crazy things happen to this family?

Laura;Who knows

(A few moments later)

Doctor;Rocky Mark Lynch?

Stormie;Were his parents

Mark;Any news ?

Doctor;Well Rocky isn't great . He lost a lot of blood & of course he got shot on his back twice but not in the same place one bullet got him near his shoulder & the other bullet got him on near his spine . Okay so you guys know the back is the weak part right ?

Riker;Yeah? What are you trying to say

Doctor;Rocky is in the matter of life or death

Stormie;(falls on her knees crying)

Mark;(cries harder)

Doctor;I'm really sorry to say this but Rocky is mostly on the side where he can pass away

Ryland;Just Save Him!

Lilly;(crying)Please help him out he's my fiancé & his family really cares for him

Rydel;(crying into Ratliff's chest)

Ross;(hugging Laura & crying)

Will Rocky make it alive?😞
Guys I was literally crying while writing this chapter 😪.

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