She Won't Accept Me No More

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Chapter 233;

Ross Walks in Laura's Room

Ross's POV

I walked into Laura's room . I realized there was a picture sticking out of her pillow . it was of me . her mirror was shattered . One of her pillows was smeared with mascara . I realized I hurt her real bad which made me feel worse than I already did . I then saw that she started to wake up .

Laura;Ross what are you doing here ?

Ross;I came to talk to you again .. but I noticed you were asleep .

Laura;Well yeah.

Ross;I never realized you used a sports bra .

Laura;Just to sleep.

Ross;oh how come..?

Laura;Cause since my belly bump is kinda big my shirts go up too much when I'm sleeping

Ross;I see .

Laura;What did you need to talk about ?



Ross;Well yeah Laura look I love you & I know for a fact you love me too . I need you . You need me . You can't live without me , I can't live without you . You smile . I smile . You think of me , I think of you . When your not okay I'm not okay . Laura I don't know what life would be without you . I really need you more than ever . Because if You care . I care.

Laura;you never cared . I love you ross I just don't think we'll ever work out again . if your wondering why . it's because of what happened 5 months ago .

Ross;That was 5 months ago . this is the new me I'm not the same old person I was before . Why do you think I left ? I left because I wanted to change for you . Only you ! Look Laura I know you still want me . I can see it in your eyes .The thing that keeps me going is you . I know your still in love with me . That makes me happy . Knowing that your pregnant with my baby it means a lot because ever since you stepped foot in this house for the 1st I knew we were a perfect match .

Laura;I don't want you ross .. Who knows maybe when I give birth you'll leave again . I can't trust you knowing you'll maybe do something stupid . I need someone who is willing to stay & not leave me just like you did . That hurts me . you left . I was the idiot that stayed by myself , but honestly I was glad that I had your siblings & your parents to help me out. Even though they still have to be their for rydel . so you know who was their for me throughout all this damn time when I was waiting for you ?Riker was here .

Ross;Why the hell do you keep mentioning Riker into this ? You like him don't you ? because if you do the damn door is right their for you to leave in his arms . if that's what you want go for it Laura. I'm not stopping you . You know what? just know that when you give birth I won't be their for you !

Laura;I .. Uhh .. see now *leaves with tears rolling down her face*

Riker walks in

Riker;What did you do ross I saw Laura leave crying .

Ross;I fucked up once again Riker . She won't accept me no more .

Riker;What did you tell her that made her leave crying?

Ross;I told her that I won't be their for her when she's giving birth .

Riker;Dammit Ross why would you say that?

Ross;I don't know I give up already .

Riker;You shouldn't

Ross;I already did

Riker;Just think about it ross .

Ross's POV

Well I feel bad for telling that to Laura . I thought about it .I'm tired of hurting her & I'm tired of getting hurt its maybe for the best to give up on her already . I do want to be with her but I'm just done I should've never come back ....


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