Cute Moments

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(A/N the (R/T/N) Stands for 'random twitter name' enjoy!)

I was lying down on my tummy on mine and Justin’s bed, on my laptop on twitter. I swear I might be addicted to this I think. I was scrolling through random twitter posts when I came across one in particular. It read @(R/T/N): Just made some cupcakes with my bestie’s! {pic} After clicking on that picture, I really wanted some cupcakes right now. I closed my mac book pro and got up and walked into the kitchen to make some cupcakes. I noticed that I hadn't seen Justin in the living room or our room, nor the kitchen. "Hmm where is he?" I asked myself out loud. So I decided to text him and find out where he is or what he’s doing.

Me: Justin what are you doing? xx

I walked over to the bar stools at the island and sat down waiting for him to reply. About a minute later he replied.

Justin<3: At the store, do you need something love? xx

I ran to the pantry and I saw no chocolate cake mixes. I frowned and walked back over to my seat. Me: Yes! Can you please pick up some chocolate cake mix for me? xx Justin<3: Yeah sure love! Be home in a min xx

I put my phone down and then noticed some different magazines there, so I picked one up and looked through it. Around 15 minutes later Justin finally came home. He walked in with a few bags and I helped him unload them. I squealed when I saw the chocolate cake mix. “Yay! Justin can you help me make this?” I asked giving him my puppy dog eyes. He looks at me and smiles. “Of course (Y/N)” Justin replies to me. He kissed my cheek, then I started to get the ingredients out while Justin finishes putting away the stuff he bought. Justin soon finished and so did I. “Justin can you please crack the eggs and add them to the mix?” I asked him, well more like demanded him. He nods and does what I asked. I get the water and oil and add then to the batter. I started to mix the batter when Justin decided to ‘help me’ with the mixing. He put his arms around me and his hand on top of mine and we mixed together. I smiled and so did he. It’s not every day we can do this together, so I am going to make it last while I can. When we finished mixing it, Jusyin got the cake pan out, when I snuck a lick of the batter. “I saw that” Justin said not even looking at me. “Saw what?” I asked innocently. He turns around and sets the pan down. “This” He says then sticks his finger in the batter and licks his finger. “Eww Justin!” I say giggling. “What? You did it too” He says while shrugging. “Well yes, but I mean-“He cuts me off with putting some batter on my face. I gasp not because he got it on my mouth and nose. “EEEEKKK!!!” I squeal. I looked at Justin and glared at him, but he’s just laughing his butt off. I grab some batter and smudge it all over his hair. Now it’s my turn to laugh, while it’s his turn to glare at me. This then turns into a cupcake-batter-war. I am using a cookie sheet as a shield and a wooden spoon as a weapon. I was just about to throw some more at Justin when he grabs my wrist and yanks the spoon out of my hand. I am going to get it back, but he smacks my butt with it. I turn around and glare at him, but he just laughs. He does this at least 4 times, when I had enough. I tackle and pin him to the ground and he falls underneath me. I start laughing, and then he starts laughing. “OK! OK! I think we had our fun” Justin says while sitting up. “Yes…...I mean look at our kitchen and look at us!” I exclaim giggling while grabbing a napkin and wiping my face with it. “Here I got it” Justin says coming closer to me. “What ar-“I say but he cuts me off with a kiss. I giggle then kiss back. What ruins this perfect moment was the sound of the doorbell. I groan and pull back. Justin pouts while I get up. I throw my napkin in his face and tell him to get cleaned up. I walk over to the door and I open it to reveal Chaz and Ryan. “Hey- whoa (Y/N), what happened?” Ryan asks obviously confused in why I am covered in chocolate cake batter. I giggle, smile, and shrug but let them in. “Dang! What happened to the kitchen?” Chaz exclaims looking wide-eyed at our mess of a kitchen. Justin and I look at each other and laugh with grins on our faces. “Long story guys” Justin says. Ryan and Chaz look at us like we were crazy. “Well you better clean this up, because we are having a movie night tonight. Remember that?” Ryan asks causing Justin’s and mine eyes to go wide.


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