Thanks Justin

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'how could he?' was all that was running through your mind as your feet carried you as far from your apartment as possible.

Your boyfriend of five years now had cheated on you and he cheated on you with you best friend. you couldn't believe it. was it something you did? were you not good enough?!

You wiped your tears away from your eyes and found yourself at Justin's doorstep. You knocked a few times and there he was in front of you.

"What happened?!" he asked and took you in a hug but you couldn't respond because the tears were overwhelming.

"H-He cheated" you choked out and he gasped, pulling you inside.

"You deserve better (Y/N), you really do" he whispered and rubbed your back.

"No one's gonna love me Justin!!!!" you yelled and he pulled back from the hug, taking your chin in his fingers, he pulled you closer.

"I've been wanting to do this for a while now..." he whispered and with that, his lips were pressed against yours.

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