A Thousand Years Pt.2

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Justin POV

I held the gun at my head and closed my eyes but before I closed them, I saw in the bathroom floor,a ghostly figure.

I placed the gun down and walked over to the figure.

The skin turning normal as I saw Y/n holding Kaele and she didn't see me.She walked straight through me like I was invisible.

She walked towards Fredo and he kissed her cheek.

I knew I wasn't made for Y/n,Fredo is.

"I gotta tell you something"Fredo said.

"Yeah?"Y/n said holding Kaele in her lap.

"Justin died of HIV which you and the baby have now"Fredo said softly

Dead?Im standing right here.

Y/n held her hand over her mouth and shook her head no.She cried and Fredo grabbed Kaele and placed her on the bed as she fell asleep,he comforted Y/n as she cried in his shoulder.

This isn't real can it??Im alive.Y/n just died.

How could I be dead if I'm right here.

I closed my eyes and opened them again.

I placed the gun down,ran to the bathroom to see nothing but a bloody caked razor.

I decided to get my mind off of things and went on the laptop and Y/n had her twitter on and I went through her feed.

The hate and evil things the Beliebers said.

I shook my head at the hate and closed twitter and she had notes on her computer.

Hateful things about her self.

Talking about killing herself and everything else.

I can't believe the fans would say something like that.

I found a razor in the medicine cabinet on the bathroom.I sat on the floor and held the cold object against my wrist.

Fredo POV

I went over to Justin's house to apologize but when I was over there,there was no life.No smells,sounds,air...

I ran upstairs to the bathroom and saw blood on the floor.

I opened the door and saw a lifeless Justin with a razor with blood pouring out from his wrist..

I held his body like I did to Y/n's body.

I called 911 and waited.

His family came and we waited for the news.

The doctor called me in there.

"He didn't make it"The Doctor said.

The doctor handed me a note and Justin's belongings.

I read the note.

Dear Fredo,

You deserved Y/n.

I should have known.

Im sorry.

Tell Jeremy and my grandparents and mum that I left 4 million dollars each for them and 15 million for Jaz and Jax's college.


I came out and I told his family.

The Belieber/Bieber thing is going wrong..

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