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You babysit Jazmin and Jaxon while Justin was in the studio and Pattie had left to do some errands.
You turn to Spongebob for the kids and you text Justin.
J:Babe,I'm almost done.
Y:Please hurry babe! I miss you and your soft lips (:
J: Oh when I get there,its gonna be me and you and our lips(;
Y:I'll be waiting.I love you.
J:I LoveYou Too<3

When Justin gets home,The kids were sleep and Pattie was still gone.
"Wanna do what you said?"He said leaning in for a kiss.
Y'all had a mini makeout session til Pattie came in with bags of clothes and groceries.
"Well,wasn't expecting that sight to see"He said.
Y'all were laying on the couch.
You on top kissing him and then he's on the bottom.
"Oh dang it mom"Justin said.
You got him and Justin got up.
"Y'all can do it but don't wake the kids up."She said.
Justin smiled."But use protection."She said.
"We will."Justin said carrying upstairs on his back.

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