A Drunk Text..

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What he texts you:


"Babe,I wanna fuck you right now.You screaming and scratching my back making me thrust in you faster.Your tight wet pink pussy on my big white cock will fit perfectly.Your boobs bouncing as I will fuck the hell out of you making your body vibrate.

You moan my name and I shove my big cock down your mouth ad you swallow Jerry.

Suck it.And swallow my Cum babe.

I want you to ride me babe,While I play with your boobs.Then I want you to hop off and suck me and I wanna eat you out.I wanna bite and lick that pussy and nibble on it like food and I wanna suck on it while you shove my head deeper and moan my name making the neighbors know my name.

I meant I wanna cuddle with you and brush your perfect hair and kiss you and pick you up and spin you around and smile at your cute weirdness.I love you so much


After reading that,you had your mouth wide open an your vagina tingling...

"Justin get your drunk ass home...Lets fuck"You said texting Justin.

"I'm running now"He said.


This isn't the freaky imagine of you were wondering.!

But I bet your mouths were open..I leave them there..Jerry is coming!!

Request(: 💖

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