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#Imagine going to Justin's moms cottage to see some of his family as a get together. Justin accendentily reads a text on your phone that leads him to think that you are cheating..

"Babe, you ready?" I heard Justin anxiously call from downstairs, "We're going to be late, come on!" I grabbed my last earring off the dresser before I was running down the steps with both shoes in my hands, Justin's eyes fixing on mine quickly.

"You ready now?" He asked, his hand slipping behind my back softly. "Yes, thanks for waiting love." I smiled, as he opened the passenger side door of his white Ferrari for me. I watched him jog over to the other side before he shoved his hand in his pockets, "I forgot the keys inside!" He laughed, "Will you go get them for me?"

I nodded my head before I ran back inside, spotting the black keys on the table I grabbed them quickly. "Here J," I rushed, buckling my seatbelt before grabbing my iPhone off of the console.

I clicked my message icon that had a (1) beside it, eyeing the the one other message that had already been opened. -Been missing you lately, definitely not the same without you. I love you Y/N. xx-

My ex boyfriend had been texting me for months now, I still haven't took the time to reply to him because I could honestly care less about him now. Justin on the other hand doesn't know, which is a good thing.

"Justin do you know where to go?" I asked, looking up from the screen before glancing over at his tightly clenched jaw. "No, but forget it." He answered blankly, the white Ferrari turning down yet another dead end.

"But we've already been down this road." I stated, clearly annoyed by his sudden un-positive attitude. "I said forget it." He snapped back, his eyes focusing back on the road.

Doing what he told me to do I forgot about it, every now and then I'd glance up from my game of Temple run to see where we were at. "Here," Justin interrupted taking the iPhone out of my hands, "My phone is almost dead and I need a GPS."

"No, I'll get it!" I jolted, my hand trying to grab the white iPhone back from his tight grasp. "Y/N, seriously!"

"No Justin!" I argued, pulling it away from him quickly. "Do you want to get there today?" He asked, pulling into another driveway.


"Then let me use your phone."

"No, I'll just do it." I settled, typing in Pattie's address before the green light indicated we were getting closer to our destination. "It's the next driveway on the left, alright?"

"Mhm." He answered, shaking his head bitterly before pulling into the familiar driveway.

When he stopped the car he didn't even open my door like he usually did for me, he just waited for me by the front of the house and then when I reached him he stood there standing at me blankly.

"When we go inside, we are to act like nothing is wrong between us." He stated, his eyes advert time to mine dangerously. "No fighting, just act like you love me."

"What do you mean, act like I love you?"

"You heard me."

"I heard you, but I don't get you.." I laughed, my hands falling to my sides helplessly. "Don't get me, huh?" He chuckled bitterly, his arms crossing over his chest before he sat up against the side of the house.

"Justin stop doing this!"

"You stop first!"

"What the hell am I doing to you?"


My eyes grew large before my hand came up to cover my mouth, "I-I what?" I asked, tears brimming my eyes. "Justin, I'd nev-"

"Save it, I already read the text he sent you." He objected, his hand stopping me before the front door opened. "Oh Justin, and Y/N!" Jeremy greeted, his arms wrapping around Justin securely, "How are you guys?" He asked, moving his arms around me.

"We're great." Justin smiled, shaking his head at me from behind.

I nervously rubbed my arm for comfort before Jeremy welcomed us inside, "You look beautiful Y/N, come sit with us at the table!" Pattie smiled, her hand anxiously pulling me next to Justin's seat in the dining room.

"Dig in, I made your favourite!" She beamed, squishing Justin and I together before she shrieked in excitement. "This is great Pattie, but I'm not feeling very good." I lied, my eyes locking with Justin's.

"You're excused, I'll come with you." She smiled before we both exited to the back area of the house. "Sit, and tell me what's wrong with you two." She stated sternly, shocking me.

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