For Malysha

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You've been dating Justin Bieber for 11 months now. Your one year anniversary is coming up. He's the best boyfriend you've ever had. He always pops over for surprise visits and calls you in the middle of the night so he can hear your voice. You love going out in public because he always holds you close to protect you from the crowds. It's just the cutest.

Lately he hasn't been acting like normal Justin... Something's been a bit off. He isn't responding to your text until hours later, he doesn't tell you when he's going clubbing, he hasn't made an effort to see you in a few days. You're so worried that something's wrong.
One night, you get a text from Justin that says "Hey [Y/N]. Can you come over babe?" Oh no, you thought, He's breaking up with me. Right before our anniversary. You decide to dress to kill. You want him to eat his heart out while he rips yours to pieces. You reply with "Sure. Let me grab a quick shower."
You hop out of the shower and put on your tight white jeans, he loves the way they make your butt look. No underwear. Then you throw on a black and cheetah lace bra and. Over that you wear a see through eyelet shirt so can see the bra straight through it. You put on your makeup with a touch of lip gloss. You glance in the mirror and check yourself out. You look gooood. Justin will have a hard time letting you go. You jump in the car that Justin bought you for your birthday two months ago and take the long way to his house. You park and make your way to his front door. Your ring the doorbell and almost immediately Justin opens the door. "Hey baby. It's great to see you. I feel like I havent seen you in ages." he says. "Yeah it's been a few days..." you say awkwardly. He kisses you on the lips and leads you into the house.
*Justin's POV*
God she looks mad. I know I haven't been in close touch with her for a few days but I couldn't see her without spilling the beans. Look at her. She's so beautiful. How could I be so lucky. I want to do this right. "I got you a surprise babe."
"Oh?" she says. I hold up the bikini I got for her. "What's this for?" she asks. "The new hot tub I just got installed on the patio. Why don't you go put this on and check it out. I'll go change and be out in a second." I clear my throat to keep my voice from shaking. I've never been this nervous. I go put on my swim trunks and grab the bottle of champagne I bought today and two glasses. I head out to the patio where she's standing by the hot tub. "You look phenomenal in that bikini baby." I say as I plant a kiss on her cheek. I hold her hand as I help her in and I climb in after. I pour us champagne and she says, "What's this for? Are we celebrating something?" "I know I'm a few days early but I wanted to celebrate our anniversary today. Then we can go on a proper date on the actual day." She nods and sips her drink. I hate keeping secrets from her. She can tell I'm hiding something. I can't hold it in any longer. "[Y/N]? I know I've been acting strange. I wanna apologize. It's not fair to you. But I'd like to ask you something. [Y/N]. Will you do me the extreme pleasure of becoming Mrs.Bieber?"
*Your POV*
I about choked on my champagne. Did Justin actually just ask you to marry him? You're stunned. "I-I... Justin... Of course I'll marry you."
He slides through the water and embraces you. His lips attack yours and you wrap your legs around him. He forces your mouth open so he can slide his tongue in your mouth. He reaches down and moves the fabric of your swim suit and slides two long fingers into you. You start to squirm so he picks you up and takes you to the bed room. You tear each other's clothes off and he sits on the bed. You kneel in front of him and close your lips around him, sucking hard. He can't take it anymore and he pulls you on top of him. You're both in a sitting position as he slides you down his length. When your cavity bottoms out he moves your body for you with his strong hands. He buries his face in your breasts as you start to pant his name. He flips you over so you're laying down and he thrusts into you. His thrusts get harder and deeper, hitting your g-spot every single time. Your contract your muscles and he yells out. He rides out your mutual climax. He let's his breathing slow a bit then pulls out. He lays down next to you and says "Would you like to see your ring?" You nod excitedly and he pulls out a box in his bedside table. He hands it to you. You open it and almost melt. You're speechless. "If you don't like it we can exchange it." he says. "Justin it's beautiful. I love you so much." you say. "I love you too, [Y/N]. I love you too."

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