Shower Sex...(;

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Your POV

After a long, stressful day, you finally get home, letting the door slam behind you. You drop your bag on the floor, throw your coat in the direction of the sofa and kick off your shoes, past caring about being tidy. You're in a bad mood, and you hate it. You head up to your bathroom and turn on the shower, quickly undressing as the water begins to warm up, leaving your clothes in a heap on the floor.

You step into the shower, letting the warm water take over, soothing your skins slight aches from your day, warming you from the harsh cold air outside. Immersed in the water, you don't hear Justin coming home, calling your name. He notices your coat, bag and shoes thrown on the floor and sofa, smiling at your mess. He runs up the stairs, hearing the shower on and guessing you've had a bad day. He nudges the door open and begins to undress quietly, hoping you won't notice him. Your back to the shower door, he gently opens them and steps in behind you, his fingers linking around your stomach.

"Fuck! Justin you scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry baby", he mumbles against your shoulder, kissing it gently and working his way along to the crook of your neck. You can't help but moan a little as he kisses and nibbles your neck, sucking on your soft spots.

"Not saying I mind but why are you in my shower?"

He laughs a little, his fingers still linked, gently rubbing your stomach, rocking you slightly. You run your hands along his arms, your head to the side slightly as he continues to kiss at your neck.

"I guessed you had a bad day... was I right?"

You nod, breathing out a moan as he nibbles on the soft, warm skin of your neck. He grips your shoulders, turning you and pushing you against the cool tiles, making you jump slightly as you feel the cold on your back. Justin's arms wrap around your waist, his hands smoothing over your bum and gently pinching it making you moan out faintly. He lays small kisses over your collarbone, his body pressing against yours, your hands playing with his now wet hair. He groans a little as you massage his scalp, his kisses trailing down to your breasts. His warm, wet tongue slides over your nipple, flicking against it and sucking on it making you moan for him. You lean your head back on the wall, your eyes closed, mouth open slightly allowing moans to spill out.

"Mmm Justin, kiss me", you moan, begging for his lips to be on yours.

He looks up at you and smiles, that cute little dimple showing making you smile back. His lips press over yours, his tongue immediately sliding into your mouth. His hands rub all over your body, over your hips, the small of your back, your bum. As the kiss gets heated he runs his hands down between your legs, teasingly stroking over your inner thighs, thumb pressing against your clit. You take your lips off of his and moan, your eyes shut tight as he plays with your clit, teasing you. He licks your neck, onto your ear and smiles.

"I want to taste you", he whispers against your ear, nibbling on your earlobe gently as you bite your lip.

He trails kisses down your body and in between your legs, warm and wet kisses, his soft lips mixing with the water from the shower. He holds your hips, gently licking over you first, tasting how wet you are for him. He flicks his tongue against your clit, licking and sucking on it before sliding his tongue inside of you, circling it around you making you scream his name, your fingers tangling in his hair.

He smiles against you as you moan for him, his tongue working deeper inside you, hitting all the right spots. He moves one hand from your hips to your clit, rubbing his fingers against it making the familiar feeling in your stomach come back. You grip onto him and cry out for him as he moves his tongue in small figure eights, his fingers pressed hard against your clit you cum for him, your body hot and tensed. He lets go of your hips, gently kissing your stomach as you try to steady your breath. You groan as he starts to tease you again, placing gentle kisses over your breasts and your nipples.

"Justin stop teasing me."

You breathe heavily, he laughs stroking your dripping wet hair. He kisses your arms, bringing them up around his shoulders. You wrap your arms around him, gripping him tightly as he raises your legs, wrapping them around his waist. He presses his hips against yours and enters you, his lips pressed against yours, his tongue sliding over your lips as he thrusts into you. He holds your hips keeping you in place, digging his nails into your skin the more he thrusts. Your hands run across his shoulders, one dropping between your bodies to rub up and down his chest, scratching over his erect nipples.

"Mmmm... babe stop you'll put me off", he winks, you shake your head and kiss his cheek.

"Don't stop... or there will be no more sexy shower times with me", you say seductively in his ear, he moans your name and slams into you faster. You moan loudly as his pace increases.

"Uhhh Justin... babe slow down", you moan, not wanting it to end too soon.

"No chance sweetheart", his rude outburst turns you on even more, you decide to play with him a bit.

"Don't talk to me like that Justin", you say scratching down his back. He moans in pain and looks at you squinting.

"Don't scratch me", he leans in to kiss you but you move away, winking.

"Bitch", he says getting angry but horny at the same time.

"You love it."

You wink at him, he bites his lip and kisses your neck, biting your skin as he makes his way to your breasts. His teeth cling to your nipple, biting it hard. You moan, your moans filled with pain and pleasure. He soothes the pain by licking over it, flicking his tongue over it. His lower half thrusting into you along with his licking, sucking and biting on your nipples, his hands rubbing over your body sends you over the edge, you feel yourself close. Your moans get louder, he can tell you're not far off so presses his fingers against your clit again. You wrap your legs around his waist tighter, pushing him into you more.

He groans out as you start to tighten around him, you cling onto him, biting his shoulder as you hit your orgasm.

"Cum with me", you moan into his ear, and with that you both cum together. You both breathe heavily, Justin still holding you in his arms. He lifts you out of the shower, turning it off and opening the shower doors again. He kisses your forehead, brushing your hair out of your face as he wraps you in a towel. He smirks at you, a cheeky look in his eye.

"Wanna carry on in th-"

"YES!" you say interrupting him. He laughs and carries you into your bedroom, kissing you passionately as he places you on the bed.

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